How to Replace a Metal Door Threshold

Metal door thresholds can accumulate dents and dings over time. If your aluminum metal door threshold looks a bit worn, you can replace it in about a half hour. Metal door thresholds are also an easy fix for homeowners who do not have a door threshold, or are concerned about installing a wood threshold in areas where the wood is likely to rot.

Step 1: Remove and discard the existing threshold. For metal thresholds, you should locate and remove any screws fixing the threshold into place. For wood thresholds, you can simply remove the threshold with a pry bar.

Step 2: Clean the surfaces surrounding the door as well as the footprint of the previous door threshold using an all-purpose cleaner or wood soap, depending on your flooring materials. Allow the area to dry thoroughly, or dry it with a rag before proceeding.

Step 3: Determine the necessary length of the door threshold to fill the width of the door using a measuring tape.

Step 4: Cut the metal threshold using a hack saw to fit the door threshold. Use a metal file to remove any sharp edges from the cut edge of the door threshold.

Step 5: Place the metal door threshold into the door frame. Use the screws sold with the door threshold to fix the metal door threshold into the flooring below.

TIP: If the new screw holes align perfectly with the old screw holes, you may find that the holes may be too large, preventing a tight fit. To fix this problem, fill the old screw holes with toothpicks and wood glue and allow the holes to dry. Saw off the toothpicks so they are flush with the surrounding floor. Then proceed to screw the threshold into place.

Step 6: Caulk both sides of the door threshold where it meets the floor. This will further reduce the chance of any drafts coming from the door threshold. Use white or clear silicone caulk as appropriate for your own particular flooring.

TIP: Now that your door threshold has been replaced, check the rest of the door. Add and replace weatherstripping as needed, and paint or seal the door if the finish is damaged.


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