How to Store Books in Your Child’s Bedroom

Imaginative Ideas for Parents

There is no doubt that reading to your children is one of the most important learning tools you can give them. However, where do you put all the books when they are not being used? Here are a few easy ways to store book in your child’s bedroom.

Baskets of Books

Baskets make a great book storage idea for your child’s bedroom. Not only are they an easy way to organize children’s books, they can be displayed in a variety of ways. Baskets of books placed on a bookshelf look great. Or, if you are feeling a bit more adventurous, consider flower window box baskets from your local home and garden store. These baskets can be hung in rows on the wall with sturdy screws so that the weight of the books does not pull them down.

DIY Magazine Style Rack

Ever see those nifty magazine racks at the pediatrics office or local public library? The ones with the small bar going across in order to hold the books vertical, allowing you to see the titles easily? It is so simple to make your own to display children’s books in their bedroom! Find a shallow bookshelf, such as a cd tower, etc. Use a drill to cut holes in the sides and thread wooden dowels through the holes. Sand, prime, and paint the rack as desired.

Wall to Wall Books

Does your future scholar have a lot of books in his or her collection? Then why not consider a wall to wall display of books! Purchase inexpensive shelving at your local home improvement store. Hang the shelves so that they are at the same height level, just below the ceiling, all around the room. (Over the door height works best.) Arrange the books neatly, along with any collectables or other special items.

Rope Swing

Does a rope swing make you reminisce of summer holidays on the lake? Add a fun element to your child’s bedroom with a rope swing bookshelf! Hang a simple rope swing with wood seat from the ceiling. Secure the rope against the wall with tacks, industrial staples, or finishing nails so that the swing cannot move. Stack the books neatly on the shelf. For an even more “outdoorsy” style appeal, consider hanging multiple rope swing shelves.

The most important thing to remember about creating book storage in your child’s bedroom is to remain creative. Almost anything that can stay sturdy will work great as a shelving idea!


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