How to Use Accent Lighting in the Home

Accent lighting is not that which is used to see by, but lighting that is used to highlight or showcase interior features. It is not a necessity, but it can help to make your interior design more interesting. The right lighting can really enhance the artwork, architectural features and even your outdoor landscape design. Here are some ideas.


How can you Use Accent Lighting in the Home?

Highlight artwork

Do you have original artwork that you would like to showcase in your home? Whether it is a painting, photograph or sculpture, you can use accent lighting to show it off. A couple of common types of lighting used to highlight artworks are track lights and recessed cans, although there are many different types of fixtures available on the market. When using accent lighting with artwork, make sure to use the right type of lamp (bulb); one with the wrong temperature, or undertone, can destroy its beauty.

Enhance architecture

Lighting is also commonly used to enhance architectural features in the home. For example, you can place recessed cans in little nooks, such as above window seats or in reading nooks. Highlight your kitchen cabinets with above-cabinet lighting. Do you have any interesting features in your home that you could enhance with accent lights? Fireplaces, arches, nooks: There are so many different areas of the home that could become much more interesting with the proper utilization of lighting.

Light the outdoors

Lighting is not just for the inside of your house. It can also be utilized to light up your outdoor living area: pathways, water features and more. The beauty of outdoor lighting is that you can take advantage of natural light with solar lighting fixtures. Brighten the backyard so your guests can see one another once it starts to get dark. Light up the pool or another water feature to give it interest and dimension. Place small solar lights along the walkway so nobody trips and hurts themselves while walking in the dark.


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