Indoor Bench: Add Style to Your Home with Benches

You might associate the humble bench more closely with parks, gardens, and ball games than home decor. But these backless beauties are becoming an increasingly popular addition to homes across the nation. Bringing these versatile pieces in from the cold is a smart and stylish way to add seating and storage to your home. From the entryway to the bedroom, an indoor bench is a perfect fit throughout your home.

Have a look at our tips and see how easy it can be to give your rooms a boost with an indoor bench.

A More Welcoming Entryway with an Indoor Bench

Coming home at the end of a long day, or packing up for the start of a new one, can be a challenge especially with a family and pets. Adding a sturdy, low-maintenance entryway bench gives you a place to rest while you change your shoes, check your belongings, or get a handle on the kids and their chaos.

Start with a comfortable and easy-clean indoor bench that will take the frequent use (and occasional abuse) served up by a busy family. This comfy ottoman bench comes in a variety of colors, finishes, and fabrics to fit with just about any decorating scheme.

Keep things neat and tidy by adding some easy-clean plastic storage bins as a handy hideaway for snowy, wet, or muddy shoes while they dry. They make great drip-trays for soggy scarves, gloves, and hats, too!

To finish off your entryway enhancements, install a row of coat hooks and a shelf or two above your new bench to provide plenty of storage space for coats, book bags, purses, and accessories.

Bedtime Is Benchtime

Your bedroom is your retreat from a wearying world; a safe haven where you can rest and restore. But it’s not just about catching some Z’s! You can add a hefty dose of comfort and convenience simply by placing a bedroom bench at the foot of your bed.

A cushy addition such as Purple End of Bed Bench gives you a soft and comfortable place to read, relax, watch TV, or change into your pajamas. It also makes for a stylish and accessible location to store extra blankets for those extra chilly nights.

Adding a bedroom storage bench also gives you a built-in nook for your slippers, extra pillows, or even a few storage boxes for extra clothes and linens. Keeping your bedroom clean, cozy, and organized has never been easier!

Get Comfy In The Kitchen

The kitchen is a social center in many homes. It’s one of our favorite places to gather as we prepare our meals, share a coffee or tea, and make memories.

A breakfast nook bench or sidled up to your sideboard is more than just another piece of furniture. Adding fun and a fresh piece like this Bench to your kitchen gives you the perfect perch for reading recipes, a relaxing roost for that afternoon cuppa, and a quick way to add some extra places at your holiday table when guests come to call.

Coastal breakfast nook bench (Image Source: homedit)

Indoor Bench For Every Room

Unlike the stadium or ball field, your home is a fantastic place to get benched. Take a quick look around—can you think of a single room that wouldn’t benefit from a bit of extra comfort, storage, and fun?

An Indoor Bench bring beauty and utility to every room. Consider:

  • Adding one a bathroom bench for an additional towel and toiletry storage to your bathroom. More bathroom design ideas…
  • A kids storage bench for extra seating, play space, and storage for blankets, toys, and games
  • Placing an indoor bench next to the windows in the living room, den, or great room to create a comfy window seat and reading nook
  • Using benches in your laundry or utility room as a folding station and work area, or to provide extra storage

Add comfort and functionality to every room in your home when you shop our beautiful benches at our online store.


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