The Best Ways to Keep Track of Your Keys

How do You Organize a Lot of Keys?

A ring full of keys can be a handful of confusion, especially when they all look exactly alike. Trying each one to no avail can be frustrating, especially when standing at the door with a half dozen bags and a crying child. Lose one and you will undoubtedly lose them all. Use these creative ways to keep track of a lot of keys, and take the guesswork out of finding the right one.

Color Code the Keys with Nail Polish

The easiest way to visually keep track of a lot of keys is with specific colors or designs, but you do not have to buy designer blanks and have your entire set copied. Color code questionable keys with nail polish. Use any color or style desired. If you might still have problems remembering which one to use, color code the door knob(s) or lock(s) as well. Place a dot of colorful polish in an inconspicuous location. You will be able to quickly and easily match the key to the lock.

Use Crocheted Key Cozies

Cozies are available for wrapping everything from coffee mugs to iPads, and they make it easy to keep track of a lot of keys. If you know how to crochet, look up a simple design. Otherwise, shop Etsy for crocheted key cozies in a variety of colors. Although keys do not need to be kept warm, they will be easy to differentiate. You will just have to remember which colors open the locks. You might consider tying a piece of coordinating yarn around each doorknob or lock. The cozies can be removed and washed by hand when necessary. For irregular shaped keys, wrap colored rubber bands around the tops instead of using cozies.

Attach a Sound Activated Key Chain

It is impossible to keep track of lots of keys if they cannot be found. If you are famous for misplacing your key ring, attach something that will make it much easier to find. Buy a sound-activated keychain. When you clap or whistle loudly, the key chain will respond and make it easier to track down. Color code them with nail polish or crocheted cozies as well. With a sound-activated chain and color coding, you will never have to dig for the set or waste time while trying each one.


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