Best DIY Kitchen Cabinet Organizer Ideas

Deep kitchen cabinets can become a maze of confusion, and finding anything in those dark kitchen cabinets sometimes seems impossible. But with a little illumination and a kitchen cabinet organizer that you can build yourself, your deep kitchen cabinets can become the most useful cabinets in your kitchen. Here are a few easy ways to create you’re a kitchen cabinet organizer cheaply and easily. And be sure to check out the wireless lighting suggested at the end of the article.

Best Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

Suction Cups

Suction cup hooks are ideal for creating a kitchen cabinet organizer for pots. Orange the suction cup hooks with your pot sizes in mind. It’s a good idea to install one suction cup at a time, then hang up the pot, to know where to place the next suction cup hook. By hanging the suction cup hooks at different elevations, you can make room for more pots. Complete the bottom of your kitchen cabinet organizer with wire baskets for storing the lids by sizes.

Stackable plastic shelves

Stackable plastic shelves make ideal kitchen cabinet organizers. Costing very little, stackable plastic shelves can be found at your home improvement or department stores. Measure your kitchen cabinet in advance (height, depth, width) to know how many shelves to buy and in what size. Because the legs are detachable on stackable plastic shelves, you can stack the cabinet shelves only as high up as you need. Add a few plastic bins for storing cleaning supplies apart from kitchen towels, napkins and other kitchenware you might wish to keep in your kitchen cabinet organizer.

Wire Racks & Shelves

A simple wire rack or a shelf can split your cabinet into two or three layers. Adding wire bins will divide the space further—store bowls by sizes in different containers. Keep your unique kitchen gadgets in smaller wire bins divided by function.

Kitchen Cabinet Organizer Lighting

Even the best kitchen cabinet organizer will prove useless if you can’t see inside the cabinet. It’s easy to install wireless LED lights that are battery operated and can glue to the door of your kitchen cabinet. Even better, motion-activated wireless LED lights (Like Pelion lights), will activate the moment you open the cabinet door. All these kitchen cabinet organizers are cheap to make and can alter each time your kitchen needs change. You’ll enjoy your deep kitchen cabinets at last, and make better use of your kitchen cabinet space.


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