Large Glazed Pots in a Landscape Bed

Add Color and Unique Flair to the Exterior of Your Home

Vibrant glazed pots are absolutely beautiful. Some are solid in color, and others are a combination of a few different hues that appear to gather and drip down the sides. They can add a significant amount of color and style to the landscape, especially when they are large and filled with trailing vines and gorgeous blooms. They can turn an ordinary landscape bed into a stunning work of outdoor art, depending upon how they are used. Do not simply fill them with soil and common summer flowers. Do something highly unique, and use one or more of these creative ways to display large glazed pots in a landscape bed. They will add far more to the display than flowers and foliage alone.

Create an Arrangement of Various Glazed Pots of the Same Hue

An arrangement of large and small glazed pots of the same hue can be used to create an extraordinary outdoor display. Planters of various shapes look phenomenal when arranged side by side or along the wall of a landscape bed. Fill them with a variety of flowers and foliage to create a visual work of outdoor art. Plants of different types can be successfully displayed together when the large and small glazed pots have the same color in common. Consider the colors in and around your outdoor living an outdoor living space when choosing glazed pots. The blue planters pictured would look especially lovely with chocolate brown outdoor furnishings and decor.

Turn One Large Glazed Pot Over to Create a Pedestal for Another

If you want to highlight a particularly gorgeous large glazed pot, use another one as a pedestal. Turn the first one over, and use it to display the one that holds flowers and foliage of your choice. Consider adding a spike plant in the center. Plant annuals of your choice around the spike, and retain the space around the edges for vines that will trail down the sides. With the matching pedestal beneath, the landscape bed will look stunning.

Spill Beautiful Blooms into the Landscape Bed

While visiting your local garden center for large glazed pots, consider all of your options before making a final decision. Do not overlook the broken ones. They will cost a lot less, and they can be used in very creative new ways in a landscape bed. If possible, buy a pot with most of the sides intact. It does not matter if part of the bottom or part of a side is missing. Dig out the landscape bed to horizontally accommodate the large glazed pot. Fill the interior with dirt, and add flowers of your choice. To make the greatest impact, consider adding low-growing blooms that will visually stand out from the planter and the ground around it. Impatiens, sweet alyssum, moss roses, hens and chicks and/or creeping Charlie are excellent choices. No one will realize that the pot was broken, and it will create a fabulous display in an otherwise ordinary landscape bed.

Theresa Lien
Theresa Lien
A professional writer who has specialized in houseplants and indoor gardening. She's had experience with outdoor landscaping too, having written about plants that grow well on balconies and patios as one of her previous articles for Wohomen.


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