Ideas for Decorating With LED Lighted Branches

Vases, Rail Decor and More

Branches with tiny lights are not just for Christmas and other winter holidays. People these days are using lighted displays for decorating their homes all year round. The ambient lighting creates a relaxing atmosphere, and it will become the focal point of the room. Instead of just sticking a bundle of battery-operated twigs in a vase, consider these decorating ideas. Whether you want to highlight a table, a foyer or another room in your home, you can set up an amazing display with LED lighted branches.

Save Money While Filling a Large Vase with LED Lighted Branches

If it seems too costly to fill a large vase with lighted branches, reconsider the contents of your display. You do not have to completely fill the vessel with LED lights. Some of the most impressive lighted displays are not entirely lit. Combine regular branches with the lighted variety to space them out further, and use glass pebbles or polished stones to hold them in place.

Tie Bundles to the Base of Your Stair Rail

Strings of lights are often used to decorate staircases and rails. For a year round display, use LED lighted branches instead. Bundle illuminated stems with regular limbs, and secure them with natural jute twine. Use the twine to tie the bundles to the bases of stair balusters. They will look phenomenal, especially in a dimly lit foyer.

Fill a Big Vase with Lighted Branch Garland

You could also create a unique lighted display that is surrounded on three sides by glass. Fill a big glass or crystal vase with LED lighted branch garland in a color of your choice. Layer iridescent flat glass marbles with the flexible illuminated branches. The gorgeous display can serve as a bedside light or an accent piece on a dining room buffet, a sofa table or a kitchen countertop.

Create Willow Branch and Canvas Art

You do not have to be an artist to create an impressive work of illuminated wall art. All that you need is a large stretched canvas, acrylic craft paint, glue dots, spray adhesive and faux grass. Start by coating the entire canvas with sky-blue paint. After it dries, attach faux grass to the bottom of the canvas using spray adhesive. Use glue dots to attach LED lighted willow branches to the canvas. They will appear to be growing up through the faux grass. Use the work of dimensional art to beautifully illuminate and enhance a bare wall.


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