4 Budget Ways to Light an Outdoor Stairway

Safe and Stylish Staircase Lighting

Dark stairways can be very dangerous, especially if they become icy or damp. A railing and sufficient lighting is a must, but the cost to install wiring and new fixtures can be exorbitant. Stop trying to find your way in the dark. You can use stylish alternatives that are safe and effective. Consider these budget ideas, and light your way while saving money over permanent additions that would cost a whole lot more.

Add Candle Lanterns

If you want to add a touch of vintage style to your outdoor stairway, add an array of candle lanterns. Surround flameless candles with smooth pebbles inside of the glass globes. The pebbles will add natural beauty, and they will weigh down the lanterns to prevent strong breezes from knocking them over. They will look fantastic, and they will provide just the right amount of light.

Attach Weather-Proof Flameless Candles to Both Sides of the Stairway

Battery-operated candles do not have to be contained. Weather-proof flameless pillar candles would look lovely along an outdoor stairway, especially if the steps are surrounded by foliage and flowers. They will lend a touch of romance and mystery to a back, front or side entrance. Arrange three pillar candles in graduating sizes on both sides of each step. As long as wind is not a concern, they will work exceptionally well to light the way.

Adorn the Sides of Outdoor Steps with Pots of Solar Lights

In an area where strong winds are a possibility, consider using heavy pots of soil to hold solar lights. The soil will keep the posts firmly in place. Surround the posts with low-growing flowers. Consider impatiens for a shady location in hardiness zones 3 – 10 and mazus in a sunny area in hardiness zones 5 – 8. With proper care they will grow beautifully in the planters, and the solar lights will sufficiently illuminate the stairway.

Add Motion Detector Battery-Operated LED Lights

Battery-operated LED lights are ideal for an outdoor stairway, but only if they are waterproof. A variety that detects motion is the best choice if you prefer function over style. They will only come on when needed, and they will provide the proper amount of illumination exactly where it is needed.


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