Luxury Bedding Details You Can Add to Your Bed Linens

Luxury Bedding at an Affordable Price

We have all sat and drooled over fabulous hotel bedding or even the stuff in the Pottery Barn Catalog, but most of us just can not afford it. This doesn’t mean you can’t have the look of luxury bedding. Here are some budget tips for adding luxurious details to your bedding. You’ll swear you are in a five-star hotel!

The first secret to a luxury hotel looking bedding is to have white sheets and pillowcases. You can add some splashes of color but always start with white sheets.

Add Details

Adding luxurious details is a fabulous way to copy that wonderful bedding in the Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware catalog. You can use fabric paint to get the same monogrammed look.

Use a stencil and fabric paint to monogram your pillow shams. Colors like pale blue, taupe, and creamy yellows are perfect for this, luxurious look. Don’t stop there though. The duvet cover on hotel bedding often has a matching square outline to match the monogram. Use masking tape or painters tape to tape off a ¼ ” line about 6 inches in from the edge of your duvet cover. Paint the stripe with the same paint you used on your pillow shams. If you have white sheets that are just too plain you can add this small stripe of matching color at the top of the sheet. I like to do this where that seam is about four inches in from the top of the sheet. It gives you a straight line to follow and this is where that line of color is on luxurious bedding.

If you aren’t in favor of using fabric paint on your bedding you could substitute gross grain ribbon. You can glue it down with fabric glue so that you don’t have any seams or thread showing. Make sure you tuck the edges of the ribbon under so that no rough ends show.

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Add Splashes of Rich Color

You can add all the details you want, but luxury bedding needs a splash of vivid rich color to remind you how creamy white the sheets are. You can use a throw at the end of the bed to do this. Another trick is to have this same splash of color at the head of the bed too. Cover some large pillows in this same vibrant color and place them behind all of your pillows, like a mock headboard.

Add Buttons

Luxury Duvets often have a row of buttons that look fabulous when the duvet is folded down. If you have an existing bedspread or plain duvet you can easily add this detail. To do this make your bed as normal. Fold the comforter or duvet down about 1/3 pf the way from the head of the bed. Measure in about 12 inches. This will be where your row of buttons should go. Evenly space your row of buttons about four inches apart. Hand sews them on with thread that matched your bedding.

Use a White Dust Ruffle

Hotel and bedding often look so simple and serene because a fitted white dust ruffle and white sheets are the clean canvas. The pattern or color comes in at that throw or blanket at the foot of the bed. Clean lines are best for the dust ruffle. Don’t use those ruffed ones that have been around for years. You can easily make affordable dust ruffle out of a flat sheet matched to your bed size. If you have a queen-sized bed buy a queen-sized fitted sheet and so forth. Be sure to wash and iron it so there are no lines or wrinkles. Lay it over your box spring so that it drapes smoothly over the bed to the floor. Replace your mattress and add your newly updated luxurious bedding.


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