How to Make a Kitchen Look More Feminine

The kitchen is essentially the heart of the home, as this is where food is prepared and served and family and friends come together to celebrate and spend time together. Your kitchen decor is important, as it can make the room seem brighter and more inviting. A romantic, feminine themed kitchen will add personality to your home and is an easy theme to put together. Here are some ideas to help you get started on decorating your romantic, feminine kitchen.

Bright Colors

A plain white kitchen is bland and boring, so paint the walls a bright, feminine color for a more romantic look. Bright yellow, french blue, creamy pink and soft purple are several color options you might consider using, and will make your kitchen seem far brighter and more welcoming. Having your walls painted will also give you a basis to start from in the rest of your decorating.

Decorative Towels

Decorative hand towels, dish rags and potholders will add a far girlier atmosphere to the kitchen, and will complement your romantic, feminine theme. Use a matching set for your kitchen with a common pattern or motif on each towel and potholder. Stores like Tuesday Morning, Target and Kohl’s sell a wide variety of kitchen towel sets in many different colors and patterns, making it easy to choose one you like that will give your kitchen the romantic look you are going for.

Romantic Linens

Add femininity to your kitchen table by decorating it with romantic linens. Lace tablecloths, satin chair covers or cushions and decorative placemats will liven up your table and make it coordinate with the rest of your kitchen. Bed Bath and Beyond is a great place to look for tablecloths and chair covers, as are Kmart and Target.

Wall Signs

Wall decor isn’t just for living rooms, so add a feminine touch to your kitchen by hanging tin or wooden signs for decoration. Rococo prints, inspirational quote signs and hand painted wooden signs will all add a cottage vibe to your kitchen and make the room have more personality and style.


A metal teacup rack filled with decorative cups and saucers in it will serve a practical place in your kitchen while also providing decor. Mix and match different teacups on the rack or display your favorite set. Thrift stores are a great place to find inexpensive teacups, as are antique shops.


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