3 Ways to Make a Cozy Home Library

When many people think of a home library they think of a grand house with expensive wood covered walls that have dimension and design. They also think of shelves upon shelves of books and an oversized desk filled with every office supply under the sun. Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to have an extra room in the home to create a home library. It is possible to turn a corner of a room into a cozy home library that is perfect for relaxing and reading. Consider the following cheap ways to make a cozy home library, and enjoy a reading niche that will become a favorite area of the home.

Create a Comfy Reading Nook

Begin with Freestanding Bookshelves

To make a cozy home library in a small section of a room, begin with a pair of freestanding bookshelves with wide bases. Wide-based bookshelves have more stability than tall narrow varieties, and they often provide storage space as well as open shelving for library books. Place the bookshelves at least five feet apart with the sides against or near a wall. If possible, select a cozy library area that offers plenty of natural light. An area with a window is preferable. The shelves should face each other to create a cozy nook for reading and relaxing.

Furnishings for a Cozy Library

Next, select a comfy chair or loveseat to place between the bookshelves. A recliner is an excellent choice for a cozy home library, and a loveseat will provide a place to curl up with a good book. Either way the seating should be comfortable and inviting to make a home library a cozy place for reading and relaxing.

Place a coffee table or ottoman in front of the loveseat or chair. This will provide a place to set books that are currently being read along with refreshments. A coffee table or ottoman is also great for propping up the feet while reading and relaxing. Also, an ottoman sometimes offers hidden storage space, and this is the ideal place to store magazines, notebooks, and other necessities for a cozy home library.

Be sure to outfit the seating with a few comfy throw pillows. Not only will they provide extra comfort while reading, but they will also add color and style to the space. Select throw pillows of various sizes, textures, and shapes that coordinate with the furnishings.

Lighting for a Cozy Library Nook

A cozy home library must have plenty of light for reading. If the home library offers natural lighting from a nearby window, let the light shine in during the day. Opt for light-filtering Roman shades or blinds that offer privacy and adequate lighting. Choose quality artificial lighting for nighttime reading. Position a tall adjustable lamp in back of the chair or loveseat, and make sure the lighting is bright enough to alleviate eyestrain.

In addition to shelves and comfortable seating, add a few personal touches to a cozy home library. Place a vase of fresh fragrant flowers on a nearby table, and select stylish tabletop décor to embellish empty shelves. Best of all, this cozy home library can be set up in a matter of minutes, and it can be made to fit almost any home.


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