How to Make a Rag Rug Out of Scrap Fabric

Rag rugs can be quite costly, especially handmade varieties that are painstakingly woven on large harness looms. Expensive room-sized looms are not required to make beautiful rag rugs. I am currently working on one for my utility room, and I am using a long plastic knitting loom and scrap fabric from various sources. Buy a long knitting loom online or from a local craft store, and get started on making rag rugs that are knitted instead of woven. They are fully washable, durable and a lot of fun to create.

Tips for Using a Long Knitting Loom

Necessary Supplies and Alternate Materials

Do you have old flat sheets that have seen better days? Do not throw them away. Use them to create rag rugs on a long plastic knitting loom. Cut the sheet into strips that are approximately one inch wide. If possible, create one long strand from a single flat sheet. Start around the edge with a sharp pair of scissors, and work toward the center until the entire sheet is one long strip. The strip does not have to be perfect. It can be ragged around the edges. Wrap the fabric into a neat ball, and secure it with a stickpin until ready to use.

Old clothing can also be cut into strips and used to create rag rugs. Old robes and t-shirts are ideal. Simply cut them into strips about an inch wide. Roll the strands into a ball and securely tie loose ends together when necessary. A rag rug of many different colors is kitschy but stylish. Some of the most impressive rugs include several materials and colors.

Felt is also fantastic material for making rag rugs. It does not unravel around the edges, and it is inexpensive and very easy to cut into strips. Buy a couple of yards of felt, and cut it into one long strip. Wrap the strip into a ball, and knit the material into a rag rug. It will be soft, warm and a highly stylish.


To create rag rugs that are about 22 inches wide, buy the long blue Knifty Knitter brand loom. Consult the instructions that come with the loom to learn the basic stitch, or search for video tutorials online. Use the strips of fabric instead of yarn to create gorgeous rag rugs. They will not be traditionally woven, but they will be durable, functional and high-quality floor coverings unlike any that can be found in stores.


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