Ways to Make a Small Ensuite Look Much Larger

Visually Enlarge the Space

An ensuite is a tremendous plus when trying to sell a home, especially if it is spacious and naturally light, stylish and bright. Even a 4-piece bath can be a deal-breaker when attempting to sell the home if it looks far too small. It is not necessary to knock down walls and spend a small fortune expanding the space. You can visually enlarge it using a few simple decorating and display techniques. Make your small ensuite look much larger than it really is, and you will increase your chance of selling the home and obtaining a positive return on your investment.

Make it Light and Bright

When an ensuite is small, you can easily create an illusion of size by making it exceptionally light and bright. Opt for white or very light walls and flooring. If it includes a vanity and/or cupboard, paint it white or another light hue. Takedown heavy window coverings, and replace them with light filtering blinds and sheers. Make your ensuite naturally lighter and brighter, and it will look much larger than ever.

Take Out Clothes Hampers and Other Unnecessary Items

The average person cannot envision a room in a different way. They see it as it is instead of imagining new possibilities. When an ensuite is small, it will look even smaller if it is filled with unnecessary items. Remove clothes hampers, freestanding decor and other unnecessary items. Keep your ensuite as basic as possible, but without striping away all the style. Take out anything removable that covers the floor. It will look much larger than it actually is, even if it is very small.

Keep the Shower Door or Curtain Open

First impressions mean more than home sellers realize, and when the shower door or curtain is closed, the ensuite will look considerably smaller than it actually is. The door or shower curtain will create a faux wall that will block out around 1.39 square meters of visible space. Keep the door or curtain open while showing the home. Prospective buyers will want to see it anyway before signing on the dotted line. You might as well make the ensuite look as large as possible by keeping the shower enclosure open from the start.

Create a Single Focal Point on a Bare Wall

Another fantastic way to make a small ensuite look larger is by creating a focal point to draw attention away from anything that may be lacking. As previously mentioned, most home buyers have a problem envisioning anything different than what they are able to fully see. Place a stylish work of art on a bare wall. Find something that compliments the ensuite and coordinates with the bathroom style, colors and existing decor. Potential buyers will be pleasantly surprised, and they will focus more on the style and appearance of the ensuite instead of the lack of space.

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