How to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger

Limited space doesn’t mean you can’t create an eye-catching display in your garden. With a few simple tricks, you can make the area look larger than it is.


Cool colors such as blues, violet and greens appear further away than they are. By using a variety of flowers and foliage in cool colors, you can create a flowing landscape in a small area. Choose several shades of the same color and place the deepest shade in the foreground with the lighter shades fading into the distance. Adding a touch of warm colors such as reds, yellows and orange in the foreground further adds to the illusion of distance.


Consider trellises in the background of your flowerbed to add height to the garden. This draws the eye upward giving the illusion of a much larger area. Plant tall finely textures flowers, such as cosmos, in the background or cover the garden wall with creeping vines and flowers. For container gardeners, add trailing vines that pull the eye downward.


Finely textured plants also recede into the background, making your garden appear larger than it is. Look for plants with small leaves and blooms – preferably those that sway in the wind to create the illusion of distance. Look for plants with variegated or ridged leaves and irregular placement of leaves and blooms. Of course, you will want one or two medium and coarsely textured plants in the foreground to create contrast, but make finely textured plants your focal point. Remember texture applies to both flowers and foliage.


Trick the eye by creating a pathway that decreases in width through your garden. This simple technique extends the line of the garden making the narrow path seem further away. Consider a meandering path of pebbles that decrease in size as they near the background – or simply create a fake perspective by gently narrowing the width of the path.


Although not typically included in gardens, mirrors are a great way to reflect light and expand the garden. Hang an antique mirror on the garden wall or mirror one wall of your patio to reflect the beauty of your garden and make it appear larger than it really is.

So, stop worrying about not having enough room for a flower garden and make that space work for you!



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