How to Make a Tent for a Kid’s Twin Bed

Create a Unique Indoor Hideaway

Kids love tents for a number of reasons. They can turn it into their private space, and it can be used as a place to read, nap or play with friends. Tents are good for more than just camping trips and backyard sleepovers. They are available especially for topping beds, but they are very expensive and do not vary much from one to the next. You can easily make a fantastic hideaway that will fit over a twin bed. It is a phenomenal alternative to a ready-made indoor shelter that is covered in cartoon character graphics. You can choose the colors and designs when making your own version, and you will save a considerable amount of money over store-bought options.

Drape Fabric from a Hanging Dowel Rod above the Bed

One of the easiest ways to make a tent for a kid’s twin bed is also the most practical. The best type of indoor tent hangs directly above the head of the bed instead of resting on top. Making the bed will not be a problem with a canopy-style tent.

Begin by hanging a one to two-inch diameter dowel rod from sturdy chains and eye hooks. Be sure to mount the eye hooks on a ceiling stud to keep them from pulling out of the wallboard. Use heavy-duty clips to hang the chains. Drape fabric over the dowel rod, and use binder clips to secure the material just beneath both ends of the rod. Tuck the fabric beneath the mattress to complete the tent.

Cover a Hanging Lighted Hula Hoop with Fabric

A Hula Hoop makes a fantastic circular rod for hanging curtains and other fabric. Unlike metal rods, the hoops are lightweight and inexpensive. They can be used to make an easy tent to hang over the head of a kid’s twin bed.

For a unique lighted tent, begin by wrapping rope lighting around the Hula Hoop. Secure the lights with zip ties. Drape fabric around the sides of the hoop, and cut parallel slits over the under it in four to six-inch increments. Use ribbon or jute twine to tie the fabric to the hoop. Add another piece of fabric to cover the opening at the top, and fasten it to the hoop using the same easy method. Evenly attach three longer pieces of sturdy ribbon or twine to the hoop. Gather the long pieces above the center, and tie a tight double knot. Finish by hanging your homemade tent from an eye hook that has been securely attached to a ceiling stud.


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