How to Make a Plain Pair of Boots More Stylish

Add Unique Bling with Beads, Bobbles and More

Stylish boots with rhinestones and other embellishments can cost a small fortune. I prefer buying comfortable boots that are plain. I would rather add unique bling than buying footwear that countless others own. I make each pair unique by adding painted designs, faux gems, eye-catching beads and other decorations. Consider these easy ways to make a plain pair of boots stylish and turn them into something exclusive and far more visually appealing.

Make Ugly Sheepskin or Suede More Stylish with Bobbles and Beads

Plain boots that are covered in sheepskin or suede can be quite ugly. They serve a practical purpose if they are warm, but they can be stylish as well as useful. A plain pair of boots look phenomenal when bobbles and beads are attached. Use super-strong waterproof clear-drying adhesive, and arrange them to look like snowflakes, paisley designs, or something completely unique. The plain pair of boots lacked style before the embellishments were added, but now they have an amazing designer look.

Add Color with Acrylic Craft Paint

After acrylic craft paint dries, it is waterproof and adheres exceptionally well to fabrics. Accidentally get some on a sleeve or a pair of pants while crafting, and it will not come off after it dries. Small red hearts look fantastic on a pair of plain boots. Flowers and fleur de lis designs also look great. If you are not an artist, use stencils and a finely sharpened pencil to create stylish designs. Fill them in with acrylic craft paint and a craft brush with an excellent tip. Anything is possible when using paint to make a pair of boots more stylish.

Attach Swarovski Crystals or Faux Gems

Another fantastic way to make a plain pair of boots more stylish is with Swarovski crystals or faux gems with flatbacks. Decide on the designs before getting started. If necessary, make tiny dots with the tip of a sharpened pencil. Use waterproof clear-drying adhesive to attach the gems to plain boots. A toothpick works quite well to apply the glue. The designs will beautifully glimmer and shine when they come in contact with light. Boots that were once plain can look like designer footwear, but on the contrary, no one else will have them.


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