How to Make a Home Safer at Bedtime on Budget

When the sun goes down and the lights go out just before bedtime, a home does not feel as safe as it did. A person can feel vulnerable after going to bed, especially when living alone. Not everyone can afford a security system, and even the best options have flaws. Budget ways to make a home safer are often better anyway. Deadbolts and motion detector lights are obvious solutions, but many more steps can and should be taken for safety and peace of mind. Use these budget ways to make a home safer at bedtime, and stay safe and secure.

Sleep with Vehicle Remotes by the Bed

The panic button on your remote control keychain is good for more than just locating your car in a crowded parking lot. The loud shrieking sound scares away criminals that are intent on committing theft and/or causing harm. It draws lots of attention. If the remote signal from the bedroom reaches the area where the vehicle is parked, sleep with the remote keychain close at hand. It is a budget alarm that makes a home safer at bedtime. Just having it nearby will provide peace of mind.

Keep a Charged Cell Phone on the Nightstand

A would-be burglar knows how to cut the lines of communication to the outside world when planning a break-in. To make a home safer at bedtime, forget about keeping a household phone on the nightstand. If the exterior line is cut or simply unplugged, it will no longer work. Keep a charged cell phone at hand instead. As long as it has a signal, it will make the home a safer place at bedtime.

Close and Lock All Windows Before Bedtime

Gone are the days of sleeping with the windows open on hot summer nights. Even the upper floors are not safe from intruders. People intent on doing harm have been known to climb through upper story windows, even those that were closed. Residents have a false sense of security when it comes to upper floors, and they do not always lock the windows. Close and lock all windows before bedtime to keep the home safer and far more secure. Glass will break, and someone can still climb through, but not without making a tremendous amount of noise.

Turn an Energy Saving Light On at Night

When trying to keep a home safer at night, do not sleep in a dark house. Turn at least one energy-saving light on at bedtime. It might be over a sink or in another location that can be viewed from outdoors. The home will be safer at bedtime because that outside will not know where the occupant(s) are or if they are really home. It will appear as if someone is awake, especially if lights are on a timer and go off and on in different areas throughout the night.


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