How to Make Living Room Windows Look Larger

Window Treatment Tips and Tricks

A view that is limited by a lack of glass does not have to negatively impact a room. Windows can be made to look considerably taller and wider with creatively installed window treatments and stylish decorating accessories. Panes and frames that are small in dimension can be made to look far grander in both size and design. Try these easy ways to make living room windows look larger, and transform small panes into something impressive.

How to Make the Windows Look Taller

Drapery rods do not have to be mounted just above the window frame. Although guidelines are included with mounting directions, rules are nonexistent when it comes to hanging drapes. When trying to make living room panes look taller, mount the rods several inches above the frames. In addition, opt for 84-inch drapes with extra-wide valances. Even if the sills are midway up the wall, the windows will still look tall.

The Frames Can Look Much Wider

If tall and narrow windows are not your preference, add significant visual width in addition to an extension of height. Spread the gathered drapes a full width past both sides of the frame to determine where to install the rod. The window will look twice as wide. As previously mentioned, it can look significantly taller too.

Opt for Swing Arm Rods

If you do not want to spend money on another pair of drapes, you can still make living room windows look bigger. Opt for swing arm rods instead of the stationary variety. To visually enlarge the space, simply open the drapes. The drapes will impart an illusion of size when the rods are swung open. For privacy without darkness, hang sheers on a cafe-style rod behind the drapes. The difference is amazing.

Top the Windows with Faux Fanlights

Architectural style can be added to living room windows without making costly or permanent changes. It will also add an illusion of size. If space allows, consider topping the windows with framed mirrors that look like fanlights. They are a vertical version of skylights, but the faux variety does not open or provide an exterior view. If they are just the right width, they will make living room windows look substantially taller, either with or without the aforementioned drapes.


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