Easy Ways to Make Unique Personalized Wall Clocks

Add Names, Photos, Pets and More

Wall clocks come in all shapes and sizes, and some can be easily taken apart and personalized in amazing and unique new ways. Names, themed graphics and even photos can be added to create one-of-a-kind timepieces unlike anything available in stores. Even glitter and faux gems can be added for personal style and glitz. Do not pay someone else to create your personalized wall clocks. Use one or more of these easy options, and transform it into something exclusive.

Create Fun and Whimsical Photo Clocks

Photos can be used to create fun and whimsical designs on wall clocks. The movement of the hands will bring the people in the pictures to life. Take a full-body photo of a family member or friend, and cut out their image using a small pair of pointed scissors. Carefully cut the trimmed photo in half, and round off the corners. Cut out a half oval in the center of each end to accommodate the dial where the hands meet. Both ends should match up perfectly. Carefully glue the top of the body to the hour hand and the lower body to the minute hand. Double-sided tape can be used instead of glue. If liquid adhesive is used, allow it to dry completely before starting the clock. Imagine seeing the photo of your friend or family member come to life and moving with each passing second.

Personalize Wall Clocks with High-Quality Stickers

If you have wall clocks that are basic or embellished with ugly graphics, decorate the face with stickers of your choice. Buy high-quality flat stickers that will look as if they are painted on, or choose dimensional stickers that are designed for scrapbooks. Stickers make it easy to create personalized the faces of wall clocks since they come in every subject and theme.

Create a Pet-Themed Clock

How about creating a personalized clock in a cat or dog theme? Place a cute cat or dog sticker next to each number. When decorating in a cat theme, attach a peel and stick mouse to the second hand. If desired, add your cat’s name using peel and stick letters. When planning to decorate it with dog stickers, attach a bone or ball to the second hand instead of a mouse. Either way, it will look extremely cute. You will be asked where you bought your pet’s clock, time and time again.


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