Gorgeous Ways to Decorate Martini Glasses for a Wedding

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Martini glasses are not usually colorful or unique. They are designed with a single purpose in mind, and the only embellishment is the beverage and the complimentary olive on a toothpick. Like other celebratory flutes, they should stand out from the rest, especially at a wedding reception. The goblets for the bride and groom and the members of the wedding party can be decorated with a few easy and eye-catching additions. Consider these gorgeous ways to decorate martini glasses for a wedding, and embellish the head table with extravagant accessories and decor.

Top the Rims with Colored Sugar

Not all martini glasses are used to hold martinis. Some are used to hold beverages that taste better with a little sugar. When looking for gorgeous ways to decorate the glasses for a wedding, consider coating the rims with sugar, but not the white granulated variety. Go with colored sugar instead. Choose a color to match the drink. Prepare them in advance by moistening the rims and dipping them in colored sugar crystals of your choice. As the water dries, the crystals will solidify on the rims of the martini glasses.

Decorate the Stems and Bases with Swarovski Crystals

If you really want to wow wedding reception guests, do it with dozens of Swarovski crystals. Use clear-drying adhesive for glass to attach clear or colored crystals to the bases and/or to the stems of martini glasses. Since they can cost several dollars for a small package when purchased in craft stores, the project will not be a cheap undertaking. On the other hand, they will look spectacular, especially when touched by light. They will glimmer and shine almost as brightly as the bride’s wedding ring.

Add Beaded Wire Charms

Bead and wire charms are not just for wine glasses. They can be used to beautifully decorate martini glasses for a wedding reception. Buy wire designed for bending and twisting into jewelry along with beautiful glass beads in colors of your choice. Thread four or five beads onto each three-inch wire, and twist the ends a couple of times to form a perfect circle. Untwist the wire a twist it again to secure the embellishments around the stems of the glasses. Homemade wire charms provide an affordable way to make the martinis look absolutely amazing, even if they contain nothing more than sparkling grape juice.


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