Creative Ways to Decorate Mason Jars to Use as Vases

How to Paint and Wrap the Glass

Mason jars are not always purchased for canning and food storage purposes. Those who enjoy crafting and decorating often buy them for DIY projects. They make fantastic vases because they can be decorated in many creative and colorful ways. They are worth keeping on hand for displaying fresh flower cuttings and faux stems. Consider these easy ways to decorate plain glass canning jars, and transform them into unique and highly useful holders for real or artificial flowers and foliage.

Begin by Drilling Stem Holes in the Lid

A bouquet of flowers would have to be quite large to sufficiently fill a wide-mouth canning jar. To make a vase that will hold a small number upright stems, drill holes in the lid. They should be evenly spaced and large enough to accommodate rose stems but small enough to keep them in a vertical position. Place a block of wood beneath the lid, and use vise grips to hold it in place during the drilling process. You can quickly and easily make a simple bud vase.

Beautifully Enhance the Glass with Paint

Mason jars can be as colorful as store-bought vases, and all that it takes is a little paint. Do not use just any type of paint. Use paint especially for glass, and apply it to the exterior. Other types will eventually peel away. Turn it upside down on layers of newspaper or other scraps, and apply the paint to the sides and bottom with a one-inch foam brush. Do not coat the threads of the jar. The ring will cover it anyway. Allow the paint to dry for 24 hours or longer before handling or using the vase.

Create Burlap and Lace Wraps

If you do not want to advertise the brand of the canning jar, cover the raised lettering in a unique and decorative way. Burlap and lace wraps are very easy to make. Fold a six-inch-wide piece of burlap in half with the raw edges in the center. It should be long enough to wrap completely around the jar. Cover the burlap with a pretty piece of one to two-inch-wide lace. Finish by tying the lace and burlap wrap to the Mason jar with a piece of jute twine. It will be ready to display along with beautiful faux stems or real flower cuttings of your choice.


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