Maximizing Over the Toilet Cabinet Storage Space

Apartment dwellers and home owners with small bathrooms attempt to maximize vertical space by installing an over the toilet cabinet. The toilet cabinet does offer additional shelf space in a compact area, but only a few models offer supreme functionality and superior storage solutions. However, there are certain solutions the cabinet owner can implement to store as much as possible in the bathroom.

Canvas Bags

An over the toilet cabinet that features shelves and edges constructed of chrome or steel rods allows for many modifications. A canvas bag can be outfitted with canvas strings that allow the bag to be fastened to the outer edges of the lower shelves of the cabinet. A small canvas trash bag made for a car can be modified with additional hooks, or the savvy sewer can create a bag from scratch. For those with a collection of tapered make-up brushes or other, small tubes, a series of small, tight loops can be attached to the edge of the bag for convenient access to these items.

Shallow Plastic Trays

The rods of a metal shelf are sturdy and convenient for holding larger items and cases, but they are not handy for holding smaller bottles and jars since the containers can tilt against the rods. A shallow plastic tray with a low rim will stabilize the containers, help contain any product spills, and prevent jars and tubes from tipping over and off of the front or sides of the over the toilet shelf.


Collections of make-up brushes, lotions, shampoos, soaps, and body washes can be stashed in buckets of varying vivid colors accented with custom labels. Both a traditional rounded or a square bucket can be used in this manner.

Reusable Plastic Lunch Containers

Reusable plastic lunch containers with segmented spaces for sandwiches, veggies, and other snacks can do double-duty as make-up storage boxes. Consider placing the eyeshadow, mascaras, and foundation preferred for specific looks in individual sandwich containers for quick access and easy applications in the morning.

Make-Up Bags

The free make-up bags, shaving kits, and miniature zip-up totes that are often handed out with cosmetic and fragrance counter purchases can be used to store free samples, miniature soaps, and travel size products. This will help reduce the clutter of loose miniature packages and protect the contents from the humid bathroom environment.

Over the toilet cabinets maximize vertical space in and of themselves, but the space within the cabinet can be tweaked to provide even greater organizational benefits within a small bathroom.


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