Minka Lavery Lighting Fixtures

Minka Lavery is a brand name division of the Minka Group. A leader in the industry of decorative lighting, the Minka Group has been providing many different types of beautiful and affordable light fixtures for homes around the United States.

Types of Materials Used in Minka Lavery Light Fixtures

According to the Minka Group website, Minka Lavery light fixtures are made from materials such as wrought iron, wood, cast aluminum, resin and solid brass. They hold high standards for the production and manufacturing of these materials, making them one of the best when it comes to buying a high-quality light fixture.

Types of Minka Lavery Light Fixtures

Minka Lavery prides itself on updating classic light fixtures to match the needs of the modern home. While browsing through their selections, you’ll find they offer a wide variety of bathroom fixtures, ceiling fixtures, chandeliers, island and pendant fixtures, wall sconces and outdoor lighting solutions.

Examples of Light Fixtures

Mini Pendant from Minka Lavery’s Tofino Collection

Whether it’s over an island in the kitchen, a wet bar in the family room or over a pool table, this hanging pendant light is a modern take on traditional, Renaissance styling. The twirled bronze combined with the glass will provide task lighting as well as ambient lighting for the immediate area.

9 Light Up Lighting Chandelier from Minka Lavery’s Lyric Collection

Though the fixture appears to have some Art Deco influence, the coloring of the glass gives it a modern, updated appearance. The geometric shapes of the rectangular panels and circular glass shades also give it a contemporary feeling, so this Minka Lavery chandelier is perfect for many different types of dining room decor.

Semi-Flush Ceiling Fixture from Minka Lavery’s Calavera Collection

This Minka Lavery semi-flush ceiling fixture combines many different styles of decor into a single fixture. There is a country-like, rustic appeal to the overall fixture with the color of the glass and the bronze; though the whole fixture features clean lines, giving it modern appeal.

Bathroom Fixture from Minka Lavery’s Belcaro Collection

The Tuscan style is always appealing, as many people enjoy the color schemes that are often produced in this particular style of decor. This three-light bathroom fixture features old-world intricate detailing with aged champagne-colored glass; all of which are fitting for the Tuscan style. Of course, this fixture could also fit into a Renaissance-style bathroom.


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