3 Creative Mirror Decorating Tricks

Magical Ways to Decorate

Illusions might seem to be reserved for magicians, but parlor tricks are also for amateur and professional home decorators. Careful mirror placement can visually expand a small space while increasing the amount of light in the room. A reflective wall hanging can also add an impressive view in an otherwise barren space. Use these creative and practical decorating tricks with mirrors, and embellish a bare wall while creating an amazing and stylish display.

Hang a Large Framed Mirror Across From a Window

When a room lacks natural light, square footage and/or visual interest, a single mirror can be used to reflect an existing outdoor view. Hang a large framed mirror directly across from a window that has not been hidden with blinds or drapes. A gloomy space will become naturally brighter during daylight hours. If the room is small, a large mirror will add imagistic size. The reflection of a colorful or picturesque view will also add visual interest on an interior or exterior wall.

Use Creative Mirror Placement to Brighten a Dark Space

Mirror tricks can also be used to significantly illuminate a dim space. If windows do not provide enough natural light, add a couple of mirrors to the equation instead of buying a lamp. If the windows do not provide enough light, enhance a single source of artificial lighting. A floor lamp and wall mirror are an ideal combination. If you already have a table lamp, place it on a pedestal to avoid hanging the mirror too low. A single lamp of any variety will provide the radiance of two fixtures. It is a resourceful way to stylishly light up a dark space or an entire room.

Create the Illusion of a Window on a Windowless Wall

A windowless wall does not have to lack a view. With stylish mirror tricks, it can look just as bright and spectacular as a pane of glass on an exterior wall, especially if it is framed to look like a real window. Buy something ready-made, or replace the glass in a vintage window frame to create a unique framed mirror. Those with arched tops and distressed frames are absolutely gorgeous. Place three or more side by side for a highly impressive arrangement that will serve as an ever-changing work of reflective art.


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