Modern Design: How To Make The Most Of Your Living Space

We all want a bigger house to put our things in a separate closet, an Ensuite bathroom, space for a library, a media room or game room, or a man cave. However, a bigger house means higher prices, higher rental rates, and higher utility bills, not to mention the amount of effort needed to maintain it. We’re better off with maximizing the living space we already have. Here are some ways you can do just that:

Make use of vertical space

Most of us forget that there is an ample amount of space located just above our heads. We think of floor area and the space just below the eye level, completely forgetting the living space above that. Line it with floral wallpaper designs or decorate it with framed pictures. Better yet, install overhead storage options to store seldom-used items in the house.

Let the light in

The surefire way to brighten and maximize living space is to let it breathe. Hang the curtains on either side of the window to let the light in when opened. Don’t block the light coming in. Clear the path from unnecessary cabinets or tall shelves, or dividers. Instead of using hardwood coffee tables or dining tables, try a clear glass one instead. It opens up space and creates the illusion off more space.


It’s the trick of the trade. If you have a small living space, line one side or either side with mirrors. However, you need not go all the way. Collect ornately-framed mirrors and arrange them on one wall in a slightly haphazard manner. It breaks up space and provides an illusion of more space. Frame your favorite family pictures in glass frames to create more reflective surfaces.


Utilize awkward corners by creating shelves as additional storage options. Use unused blank spaces including the underside of the stair or the landing strip of your stairs. There are seating options that actually double as extra storage options, including ottomans and couches that reveal boxes inside if you lift the cushions.

Maximizing space

In living space, change from a regular bed into a loft-style bed, providing you with some floor space without sacrificing the sleeping area. You can also use the space beneath the loft bed as a home office complete with a mini library, desk, and cabinets. Make a small home office by using a cabinet surface or a middle shelf as a table, taking off the shelves on top. Convert the space created by a sun nook into extra dining space. You just need an extra table and some chairs on the other side and you’re set.

If you need an extra room for when you have guests over, convert the attic into an extra room or guest room. Utilize foldable dividers to divide a large room into two smaller ones. Use couches that convert into beds for extra sleeping spaces. Close up the patio or terrace to add an extra room in the house.


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