Elegant Modern Foyer Decorating Ideas

The foyer is the first area that guests see, and it is also the last. It should be stylishly decorated and beautifully furnished since it is a fully visible part of the home. It can be modern yet elegant, and it can be warm and welcoming in more ways than one. Use my ideas for decorating an elegant modern foyer, and add chic decor with contemporary flair. No matter the size of the entryway, it can look absolutely fabulous.

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Add a Console for Tabletop Decor and More

When decorating an elegant modern foyer, add a console or another table for holding small decorative items and more. I used a slate black metal sofa table in my elegant modern foyer, but as the photo shows, a small stand with a half-circle glass top is ideal. A side table that has been elevated will also work.

Consider decorating the tabletop with a glass vessel of dried or faux blooms. Add a personal touch such as a photo or a collectible. A shallow decorative bowl or candle tray is also a good choice. It can be used to conveniently hold keys and other small necessities that are commonly left in the foyer.

Consider Decorating with an Elegant Modern Framed Mirror

An elegant modern foyer is a perfect location for a framed wall mirror. Choose one that is elegantly designed instead of something basic. It does not have to be characteristically shaped. In a modern space with elegant style, consider a mirror with a unique form. Something without corners and lots of curves look outstanding and highly stylish in an elegant modern foyer. Not only will it add beauty and design, but it will serve a valuable purpose.

Surround the Mirror with Eye-Catching Wall Art

Wall art is a must when decorating an elegant modern foyer. It can make or break the entire appearance of the space. Choose and use wall art to surround the mirror. If the ceiling is high, hang a work of frameless painted art above the mirror and place two on either side. The combination of pieces will create an impressive focal point. For an elegant and modern look, select wall art with little detail but lots of lines and curves. It will look amazing, and it will complete the look of your elegant modern foyer.


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