5 Common Types of Mulch Fungus

Since mulch will decompose over time, it will likely attract fungi because it is a natural part of the decomposing process. There are many different types of mulch fungus. Some of them include artillery, slime, and stinkhorn. This article will discuss some of the common types of mulch fungus.

1. Bird’s Nest

One of the first types of mulch fungus is bird’s nest. This fungus looks very similar to tiny bird’s nest filled with small eggs. These eggs are actually masses of fungus spores that are cast out of the nest whenever they are hit by rain. This type of mulch fungus usually grows in large areas of mulch.

2. Artillery

Artillery mulch fungus is also known as cannon or shotgun fungus. This fungus resembles a tiny orange-brown cup with a single black egg. The artillery fungus shoots this mass of spores that occasionally sticks on houses and cars. It is nearly impossible to remove these black stains without damaging the surface that they are on. (Check Formula 409 or SuperClean to cleaning artillery fungus stains)

3. Slime

One of the next types of mulch fungus is slime mold, also called dog vomit fungus. The slimy mass of fungus can measure from a few inches to more than a foot across. The fungus starts out with bright colors such as yellow or orange. After it has dried out, it will turn brown before finally turning into a mass of white powder.

4. Stinkhorn

Another type of mulch fungus is the stinkhorn. This fungus usually affects mulch made from hardwood bark because it contains a lot of wood. This mulch fungus usually produces fruiting bodies that appear in the fall. These fruiting bodies will generate a very unpleasant smell. It’s best to scoop them up and toss them away as soon as they appear. You could also consider replacing your hardwood bark with other types of mulch such as pine needle.

5. Mushrooms

There are many types of mulch fungus that produce mushrooms. These mushrooms can come in many different shapes and colors. They can also vary in size, with some less than an inch tall while others can measure several inches in height. Some species of mulch fungus will produce mushrooms that disappear soon after they come up. Others will produce mushrooms that will will for a few weeks or an entire season.

These are some of the common types of mulch fungus. Artillery fungus can shoot spores that will be difficult to remove from your home or car. The stinkhorn mulch fungus will produce a fruiting body that will generate a very unpleasant smell, so you should dispose of it as quickly as possible.

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