Office Style – Set your Style with a Perfect Blazer Look

Office Style, women generally make lots of mistakes while dressing themselves for office. They either try to flaunt to pop much by applying excess of makeup or look dumb by wearing ill-fitting clothes. In order to get the exact blend of professionalism and femininity, follow the below-mentioned guidelines carefully:

  • Avoid inappropriate shoes and clothes: try avoiding catty shoes and clothes that attract the attention of the onlookers. Keep yourself neat and tidy as well as well-groomed so that you look appealing without looking cheap.
  • Never go for cut blouses: cleavage is certainly an inappropriate thing to be flaunted for office style. You must avoid these kinds of clothing by wearing scoop necks, V necks and dropping necklines.
  • Spaghetti strips must be avoided: you must avoid wearing tops with strips. A frilly camisole may look decent beneath a jacket. Anytime you may be required to take off your jacket because of the changing weather. Tops with strips make you look indecent and uncomfortable as well.
  • Do not go for sleeveless blouses: in those offices where there are a majority of male colleagues, you must not wear sleeveless blouses. Always resort to those tops that cover up your underarms and shoulders.
  • Wear good-fitting fashion clothes: you can flaunt your feminine figure and continue to look attractive. Tailored tops make you appear clean as well as frumpy. You can wear a nice blazer over these tops and can reveal the real you.
  • Tailored suits must be chosen: do not resort to boxy masculine suits that mask your curves and lines. A good fitting skirt makes you look office-ready along with organized.
  • Liven up the things with occasional dressings: some dresses are considered apt to be worn at offices. Hence, if you are a working woman, then do not hesitate to choose A-line dresses that are knee-length. Dresses with an excess of frills, plunging necklines and short hems must be avoided.
  • Keeps bottom below the knee line: do not resort for miniskirts or shorts for office style. Dress up nicely even if your office has a casual dress code.
  • Opt for knee-length skirts over maxi-skirts: maxi skirts are the best to camouflage your figure. They make your bottom look half boxy and flatter the onlookers in an apt way.  If you are wearing long skirts then resort to tailored skirts only. A sleek black pencil skirt can also be worn if you want. However, do not forget to team it up with a decent pair of earrings and purse.
  • Sexy shoes must be avoided: strappy heels might look sexy when you go for a date. However, it may look vulgar when you wear it in the office. Wear decent and sober footwear in the office.
  • Classic pumps are the best: pumps with 2” or 1” height look the best. You can always choose navy, black, brown or maroon colored pumps for teaming them up with the kind of clothes you wear.
Office Style
Office Style – Blazers for women

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