3 Ideas to Reuse Old Kitchen Cabinets

Reusing an old kitchen cabinet is a great way to create new upcycled furniture to use throughout your home. If you are remodeling a kitchen and have old wood cabinets you don’t know what to do with here are some fun and creative ideas for repurposing them.

Bar Stools

Solid wood kitchen cabinets make great bar stools that can offer a ton of extra storage. You will need to top of the cabinet with a piece of plywood or other wood to make the seat. Use foam cushions or extra throw pillows from around the house to add some comfort.

If the cabinets are not tall enough to be the correct height for a bar stool then you have a few options. You can add on pre-made metal feet from the home improvement store. You can also add on sturdy castors or even fence posts for legs.

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I love finding old wood trunks at the flea market, but sometimes they can cost an arm and a leg. You can make your own wood trunks using old kitchen cabinets. Almost any size will work.

Lay the cabinet door side down on your work surface. You will need to attach feet to the backside of the new bottom of the piece. Most old trunks set up off the ground on small legs. You can use some of the same leg ideas from the upcycled bar stool ideas mentioned before.

Once the legs are attached stand the new trunk upon them. For some added fun you can add a knob on top of the door to help open it. You can recycle almost any old cabinet hardware. I like to take an old door know and attach it on top of the trunk for some interest.

Finally, sand, prime, and paint out your new trunk to make it look more vintage.

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Old kitchen cabinets can be made into a great upcycled desk that can offer you and your family a ton of storage. Take two cabinets and stand them up on the floor just like they would be hung on the wall. Top them off with a sheet of plywood or birch plywood cut to size.

You can make this as permanent as you want. Attach the top by screwing it in from the underside inside the wood cabinets. Feet can also be attached to add a little height as needed.

For a really creative desk, you can make a large desktop and add more cabinets on the backside to create a hutch.


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