Creative Ideas to Decorate with Old Trunks

Unique Home Decorating Ideas

Old travel trunks that were once used to hold personal belongings during overnight trips are now being used to decorate homes in unique and creative new ways. Some are works of turn-of-the-century art that are worthy of a front seat space in the home, and they do not have to be used solely for storage. I have a few old trunks that belonged to my grandmother, and I am using them to decorate my living room. They are too good to gather dust in the back of a closet or under a bed, and what was once used for traveling has been awarded a permanent and fully visible position in my home.

Stack Trunks from Largest to Smallest


I received three old travel trunks after my grandmother passed away, and even before I took them home I had an idea in mind. I used them to decorate an empty slate table in my country cottage living room. I filled the old trunks with personal items, and I stacked them from largest to smallest. I was able to decorate my living room with a few pieces of history while creating added storage for my knitting supplies and old photographs.

Decorate the Space with a Special Collection


Old trunks do not have to be closed when using them to decorate a living room, a bedroom, or another area of the home. Old trunks can be used to exhibit and highlight special collections. Teddy bears are not the only collectibles that can be displayed in old trunks. Antique dolls, old glass bottles of various sizes, or other items of interest can be artfully arranged and used to decorate a bedroom or living room. Use risers covered with fabric to add height to smaller items. They will look amazing in the right setting.

Transform Old Trunks into Tabletops with Storage


I had a second slate side table in my living room, and upon careful examination, I realized that it was the perfect size to transform into a unique new furnishing. I removed the slate tiles and saved them for another project. I had purchased a fourth old trunk from an antique store, and I decided to wire it to the table frame. I was able to do it without making major changes to either piece. It looked as if it was made to fit the table, and I was able to decorate the room in a unique new way. I covered the top of the old trunk with a hand-crocheted doily, and I used the new tabletop to hold a lightweight antique lamp.


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