Creative Craft Ideas with Old Umbrellas

Like almost everything else, umbrellas do not last forever. The fabric can become torn, the frames can become bent and the mechanisms that allows the rods to go up and down can eventually fail. No matter the condition, they are worth saving for crafts, practical purposes and unique home decor. The frames can be used in creative and amazing new ways. Use these ideas for creative crafts with old umbrellas, and come up with original accessories and highly unique home decorating accessories.

Unique Ways to Use the Frames and More

Create Pretty Front Door Decor

When looking for a creative craft that makes use of a vintage umbrella, consider creating something pretty to hang on a door. Buy about a dozen faux blooms that will coordinate with the color of the fabric, and use the folded umbrella as a unique vase of sorts. To keep the blooms at a visible height, tie a ribbon around the frame after the flowers are in place. Hang the arrangement from the handle on an exterior door that includes a storm door, or in any other protected location. Umbrellas filled with faux flowers are ideal for spring.

Use the Frame as a Trellis for Clematis Vines

Clematis vines are slow growing and much lighter than morning glories and other hearty vines. Store bought trellises are not required to provide support for lightweight growth. If you have a couple of old umbrellas on hand, use the frames as trellises for clematis vines. Imagine the frames covered with green leaves and beautiful blooms. Firmly plant the handles in the ground, and guide the vines over the frames as they grow.

Create a Lighted Work of Hanging Art

Strings of lights can be us indoors throughout the year, and not only around winter holidays. They can be used to create lighted works of hanging art when paired with the frames from old umbrellas. They are especially lovely when used with hanging icicle lights. Use twist ties to hold the lights in place around the frames. Hang the umbrellas upside down by the handles to create unique light fixtures.

Repurpose the Handle as a Wall Hook

When the frame and fabric of an umbrella cannot be saved, the handle is probably still useful. Remove the handle, and use it as a wall hook. Attach it to a wall stud and it will hold the heaviest coat or another garment. Handles from umbrellas are perfect for the entryway, and they can be lined up to create an area for stylishly hanging outerwear, bags and more.


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