10 Ways to Organize and Decorate Your Home

Beautiful Home Organizing Ideas

In a perfect world, you’d always get to have your cake and eat it too, like organizing your home and decorating it at the same time. And these 10 home decorating ideas will do just that-organize the clutter away and help you find new, affordable ways to decorate your home. So have fun organizing your home for a change with these imaginative ways of organizing and decorating your home at the same time.

Chest Home Organizers

Decorate an entryway window with a wide wooden chest, to create a charming window seat. Then organize shoes, boots, hats or winter things inside the chest. Be even smarter and place plastic boxes inside the chest to organize the space. And place a garden love seat cushion atop the chest to decorate your home even more.

Decorative Bathroom Organizer

Use decorative plastic baskets to hide clutter in your bathroom. Paint a plank of wood with semi-gloss white paint. Then, cut the white rope to the length desired to suspend this shelf from the ceiling. Attach the shelf with white tacks on the right and left of both sides of the shelf. Use a white swag hook to suspend the shelf from the ceiling in a corner, then organize your bathroom by mounting decorative white baskets on the shelf. Keep creams, toilet paper, soap, toothpaste and other bathroom supplies organized out of sight.

Box Puzzle

Never throw away any containers. Old cookie boxes, coffee tins, olive jars-they can all be used to organize your home in decorative ways. Collect them all and spray paint them with the same color, perhaps hammered gold from Rust Oleum, or crackled cream for a shabby chic look. Then organize your mess away and display your beautiful puzzle of boxes to decorate your kitchen or dining room.

Decorative Pet Organizer

Use decorative wood boxes to organize pet toys, chew sticks and clothing. Choose a decorative wooden box with a flip lid or make the lid flip open by adding simple craft hinges. Organize your pet’s toys and decorate your home by spray painting a charming image on the box, using craft store stencils. Finally, if your pet is especially bright (aren’t they all?), add a handle at the top of your organizer and tie a rope to it so your pet can learn to open his toy organizer himself.

Pull Out Desk

Make that out-of-place desk disappear from the living room or bedroom by creating your own hidden, pull-out desk. Buy two planks of wood at your lumber store and four strong hinges, as well as a set of plantation shutters wide enough to hide your desk. Begin by attaching the first plank to the wall with two of the hinges, so this desk can be pushed up against the wall or folded out at a 90-degree angle. Next attach the second plank so it can fold flat under the first, or be pulled out to form a support leg on the side, again at a 90-degree angle. Finally, mount the shutters over the wall where the desk would fold. In this way, you can decorate a bare wall while organizing an out of place desk.

Glass Jar Home Organizers

Use glass jars for a chic way to organize and decorate an office. Spray paint planks of wood with Rust-Oleum metal paint to give them a sleek modern look, then mount them with metal shelf brackets. Organize office supplies in a range of glass jars with metal lids, and line them on the shelves you built. Add black and white photos with metal frames to complete your beautiful office organization.

Casing Organizers

Windows and doorways are perfect places to organize and decorate your home at the same time. Buy a fireplace mantle shelf at your home improvement store and place it over your sitting room area. Then organize books over it in a decorative way. And around doorways build a narrow bookcase. Simply attach narrow wood strips to strong plywood, in a shape to go all around your door. Then organize books, pictures, and memorabilia while decorating your home too.

Underbed Drawer

Make use of the space beneath beds to organize bedrooms, and decorate your home by adding decorative accent colors. Slip colorful decorative baskets under beds to organize spare blankets and sheets. Or spray paint cheap plastic drawers to help decorate the space beneath your bed while organizing your whole shoe collection.

Wall Panels

Create affordable wall panels to decorate your home and create a space to organize things on them, as if displaying them on a shelf. Simply attach 2×4 wood all along the wall at the middle height of the room. Do the same on the floor, then run vertical 2×4 strips of wood from top to bottom at 3 feet intervals. Finally, run a wood shelf at the top and paint everything in white to create the illusion of a paneled wall. Organize books, pictures, toys or anything else you might like to display decoratively.

Harmony Shelves

Bring decorative harmony to your walls by adding organizing mantle shelves in bare areas. Simply look at a room you wish to organize and locate the bare spots. Perhaps one side has a window and a picture, and the other side is bare. Next, attach decorative mantle shelves in cascading levels, and use decorative baskets to organize clutter out of sight.


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