The Best Ways to Store and Organize Flat Gift Wrap

Expensive Plastic Holders Are Not Required

Organizers for wrapping paper are readily available in discount stores around the winter holidays. They are designed for holding long rolls of a wrap, and some include trays for tape, scissors, bows, tags and other embellishments. They are expensive, and they are not designed for holding folded sheets of paper. Because flat wrap must be tucked along the sides, it almost always ends up wrinkled. Use one of the following ways to store and organize square sheets of gift wrap. You do not have to waste valuable drawer space or buy another costly plastic organizer. These are some of the best alternatives.

Organize it in a Filing Cabinet

A filing cabinet is good for more than just storing statements, receipts and other important papers. It is ideal for organizing and protecting many different types of papers including flat gift wrap. Designate a filing cabinet drawer for holding square sheets of wrapping paper. Store them in file folders according to the occasion. Labels will make it easy to find exactly what you need to embellish gifts for birthdays, holidays and more.

Use an Old Magazine Rack

Early American wooden magazine racks might not be your style choice when it comes to home furnishings, but they are worth picking up at a bargain from flea markets and secondhand stores. They have a number of alternate uses, and they are ideal for storing and organizing sheets of flat gift wrap. They are the perfect size. Use labeled file folders to organize and protect the neatly folded squares. Sand, prime and paint the racks to coordinate with a craft room, utility room or another open storage area. It will coordinate beautifully with existing decor.

Decorative Papered Boxes of Flat Wrap and Supplies

If you would rather store and organize flat gift wrap in a hidden but decorative way, consider using pretty papered boxes. Buy papered boxes of the appropriate size for each major gift-giving occasion. Sort the packages and square sheets of paper according to color. The boxes can be stacked on a chest of drawers or in an empty corner. You will be able to thumb through what you have and find exactly what you need to wrap all types of presents, and you will not have to deal with big plastic containers that already hold cardboard tubes.


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