8 Tips to Keep a Mudroom Organized

A mudroom can be a blessing or a curse. If organized, it can keep your home clear of boots, scarves, toys, keys and a host of other items you have to gather before leaving the house. But since a mudroom is also the first space you will see upon entering your home, it’s important to give it a stylish look. Here are 8 ways to better organize your mudroom for both beauty and functionality.

Tips for a Better-Organized Mudroom

Mudroom Organizer

A wall unit composed of a bench with shelving, drawers or pegs is the ideal way to organize a mudroom in any shape or size. Furniture stores and online outlets offer a wide variety of sizes and finishes, typically listed under the category: Entryway furniture. An unfinished mudroom organizer may be priced as low as $250; however, the median price for finished units typically falls between $350 to $500. For more affordable prices, check out local flea markets or thrift stores.

Row of Pegs

The cheapest way to organize a mudroom is with a row of pegs, which you can buy at home improvement stores. Mount the pegs at a height that suits all family members, even children. Hang a miniature blackboard over each for personal notes or names. For a more elegant display, look for ornate metal hooks at home improvement stores. Or for a whimsical flair, search the internet for hallway hooks in the shapes of animals, flowers or astronomical objects.

Mudroom Bench

Though a mudroom sitting area is a must, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Look for a cheap garden bench at a home improvement store or thrift store. It makes no difference if the bench is made of worn wood or even plastic. Simply prime the bench then spray paint it in the vibrant color of your choice. If you don’t like the look of a bench, consider placing wicker chairs in a line against your mudroom wall or a large chest, where you can also store toys and bulky outdoor clothing.

Galvanized Boot Holders

You’ll find cheap galvanized buckets at home improvement stores. Using craft store alphabet stencils, spray paint the name of each family member on his bucket using his favorite color. Then display the buckets in a line under your mudroom bench for storing wet boots.

Hat Stand

Display your scarves, gloves and hats in style on a hat stand by your mudroom door. Look for cheap hat stands online, which can be easily disassembled for easy shipping. Garage sales, flea markets and second hand stores are also great for finding a hat-stand, which you can spruce up with spray paint. Not only will your have a better organized mudroom but a whimsically stylish one.

Mirrored Key Organizer

Look for a wood-framed mirror at craft stores or discount home stores. Insert small hook screws in a line along the bottom of the frame. You can paint the mirror and hooks or leave them in their natural color (the hooks are golden). Suspend the mirror on a metal lamp chain to add to its character, then hang your keys on the hooks to keep them from getting lost.

Shelf with Decorative Storage Units

To hide toys, gloves, hats or anything else you keep in the mudroom, put up a shelf using cheap shelf brackets and wood found at home improvement stores. Paint both the shelf and brackets to match your wall so the shelf will fade from sight. Purchase wicker baskets or decorative boxes to place on top of the shelf; choose containers with lids if you really want to hide the mess.

Symmetrical Mudroom

If your mudroom has two opposing walls, consider doubling your mudroom decor in a symmetrical fashion. Place a bench at both ends, with boot storage buckets and pegs overhead. Not only will you better organize your mudroom by doubling your storage space, but you will also create room for three or four kids to sit down at the same time.


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