Oriental Rug Cleaning & Care – Secret Method

When a person purchases a Persian or oriental rug, they often do not consider the care and cleaning aspect involved with that rug. In the majority of cases, there is no tag or directions that come with the purchase. Many of the dealers who sell these lovely rugs do not offer advice on the care and cleaning of them.

How to Clean Oriental Rugs?

It is highly recommended that owners of oriental rugs hire a professional to take on the task of cleaning their rug if possible. In some cases, there is no one in the area that offers these services, so the following are some handy tips on oriental rug cleaning and also their care.

Steps on a DIY to Clean Your Oriental Rug

Almost all oriental area rugs are colored with natural dyes that, if improperly cleaned can bleed and fade. It is highly important that anyone attempting an oriental rug cleaning keep this fact at the top of their mind.

Oriental rugs are notorious for attracting dust and dirt. The first step should be a thorough vacuuming first on the top side. Making sure the floor under is clean, the rug should then be flipped over and a complete vacuuming of the underside should be completed.

Some professionals recommend a dry foam shampoo for the oriental rug cleaning. This, of course, will involve renting or purchasing a special machine that works with dry foam. More than likely, when the original Persians had these rugs, they were not able to use such machinery. The following method is probably close to their method of cleaning their rugs.

What is the Best Way to Clean Oriental Rugs?

Always remember, no soaps or harsh cleaners because they will probably discolor the rug. By mixing three parts of water with one part of white vinegar, the rug owner creates an all-natural rug cleaner. By putting the mixture in a spray bottle, the rug can be sprayed evenly. If the rug has fringes, the same mixture can be used, unless they are all white. At that point, less vinegar should be used. As the fringes are sprayed, the rug owner can use a brush to make sure the mixture is complete in the fringes.

After the light spray, the rug owner then puts fans blowing on all parts of their rug. It is very important to get the rug dry as soon as possible. When the rug is down to the “damp” stage, it can then be hung with fans blowing on it to get it completely dry.

This is the best method for oriental rug cleaning if no professional is able. It still is the wisest choice to hire a professional as they are usually insured, and the rug is covered against damage.

It is also important that any spills be tackled immediately. The same water/white vinegar solution can be used. Drying should be fast with fans.

Anyone purchasing Persian or oriental rugs should always ask the dealer about cleaning recommendations and referrals of professionals who handle them.


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