How to Create an Oriental Style Dining Room on a Budget

Home improvements are often not only a necessity but very desirable fact of life. These days it is important to keep the home up to date and beautifully furnished with unique class and style on a budget. It can be difficult to furnish a room and create a sense of comfort and beauty while maintaining a low cost out of pocket. Turning your dining room into an oriental style retreat on a budget is not hard.

A little imagination goes a long way when it comes to saving time and money on home decor. In creating an Oriental style dining room on a budget it is important to first consider what elements you already have to work with and then go from there. Keep in mind that the typical color scheme for an oriental style room is a combination of dark reds, green, black, white and cream or tan. You may also choose accents in gold.

Choose your Paint:

The walls are one of the quickest and cheapest things that you can change in your home. Paint does not cost much and it almost instantly transforms a room. Choose a paint for the walls that is a warm solid tone such as a red or tan. Tans work best because they do not make the room seem small the way a dark red will.

Decide on Furniture:

You likely have furniture in your dining room already, and the best way to redecorate a room on a budget is to use the same furniture. Take the furniture that you already have in your dining room and look for simple ways that you can make it seem more oriental style. A table may be spruced up with a table cloth that is oriental themed or just matches your color theme. Chairs can easily be transformed by purchasing Oriental style slipcovers that coordinate with the color scheme.

Choose Oriental Style Accents:

In accenting an oriental style dining room there are many possibilities. A great way to accent the room is by adding fake Bamboo shoots in vases on the table, or a bamboo tree in the corner. Other accents that coordinate well with an oriental style include the use of cherry blossoms for decor.

Accents do not have to be plants. An oriental rug may be placed in the dining room to bring out the flare of the decor. Although oriental rugs tend to be costly maybe you already have one in another area of the house or you may be able to pick one up at a yard sale if you shop around. Other oriental style accents include vases and gold figurines.

The Finishing Touch:

Shop your local flea market or online for an oriental style picture or painting for the dining room. Often times flea markets have lithographs and prints that come in beautiful frames for very little money. Remember that you are on a budget so you may want to shop around when it comes to accent pieces.

Put the room together. Paint the walls, add the furniture and finish off with the accent pieces. Another way to finish off the oriental flare of your new dining room is to use square oriental style serving dishes. These dishes can be found at department stores in various price ranges and sizes and they make a great addition to an oriental style dining room.


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