Outdoor Ice Decoration Ideas for Winter

Colorful Spheres, Frozen Wreaths and More

Winter is the time of the year when beautiful ice decorations can be used to embellish trees, porches, and walkways in locations where temperatures remain below freezing for extended periods. Colorful ice spheres, decorative and functional luminaries, and wreaths with berries and other embellishments can be used in creative and eye-catching ways. They will not last forever, but they will add beauty and unique appeal to the exterior of your home during the coldest weeks of the year. When the surroundings are drab, they will lighten and brighten even the dreariest winter days.

Make Colorful Ice Spheres with Balloons and Colored Water

It is incredibly easy to make beautiful colored spheres of ice that can be displayed on the lawn or on a pedestal. They look fantastic, lining a driveway. Simply fill a round balloon with colored water. Allow room for expansion, and place it in a bowl in the freezer until it is solid. Carefully cut the balloon away, and immediately take it outdoors where temperatures are below freezing. Make as many colorful ice spheres as desired. They look especially eye-catching against the bright white snow.

Create Icy Winter Luminaries

Fire and ice are a gorgeous combination. Have fun creating icy winter luminaries that contain natural winter decor. Begin by filling a plastic container just about halfway with water. If you want the ice to be crystal clear, use distilled water. Place small pine branch clippings, pinecones, berries, or other items of choice in the water. Set a smaller container in the center to create a hollow spot. It should be large enough to hold a votive cup. Do not allow the center container to fill with water. If the center container floats, weigh it down with a few stones. Place the filled mold outdoors in freezing temperatures or a home freezer until it is solid. Allow the ice to begin to melt just enough to remove both containers. Set a votive cup and candle inside, and enjoy an icy lighted work of beautiful winter art.

Make a Beautiful Frozen Wreath

You can make a beautiful frozen wreath using a bundt pan or a container of similar shape. Fill it a little more than halfway with water, and add interesting and colorful items such as berries, branches or faux flowers of your choice. Allow it to freeze outdoors or in a home freezer. Allow the frozen wreath to melt just enough to remove it from the pan. Wrap a bright-colored ribbon through the center and around the top to create a loop for hanging. Hang it on a tree branch, over a porch rail or in another location where the melting ice will not create a hazard. As long as temperatures remain below freezing, your wreath will beautify the winter landscape in a creative, unique and exceptionally colorful new way.


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