Tips for Using Outdoor Solar Lights Indoors

Decorate with Energy-Efficient Lighting

If you’re looking for ways to cut down on electric usage indoors, consider solar lighting. Solar lights can be recharged outdoors on sunlit days or in a sunny window, and they will definitely help cut energy costs. Many people have never considered using outdoor solar lights indoors, but there are many ways in which they can be creatively used to add light to a home. Solar lights used indoors give off a soft warm glow, and they’re perfect in the kitchen, in a bedroom, and along a dark staircase. Save electricity, and give these ideas a try. Solar lights eventually pay for themselves, and the light they create indoors can change the entire look of a room.

Staircase Lighting Indoors

Lantern-style lights meant for outdoor use look lovely when mounted indoors along an open staircase. Attractive brass, wood, wrought iron, or silver hooks can be attached to the exterior of the rail or balusters, and carriage-style solar lights intended for outdoor use can be hung on the hooks. Even with it’s completely dark in the rest of the home, the lights will provide plenty of illumination for the stairs. The look is stunning, and it’s a very unique way to decorate indoors with outdoor solar lights.

Visit your local home improvement store, or shop online for the largest selection. You’ll find dozens of styles to choose from, and the bulbs are available in many colors. The colors can be changed to match specific holidays, or outdoor solar lights used indoors can be equipped with soft white lights that will illuminate the night and eliminate the need for electric lighting in the vicinity of a stairway indoors.

Solar Mood Lighting Indoors

If you want to add mood lighting to the master bedroom without installing electrical lighting, consider investing in solar lights meant for outdoor use. Solar lighting with square bases can be placed on a nightstand, on shelving, or anywhere else you want to add a soft glow without using costly energy. Amber light bulbs are perfect to create mood lighting in a bedroom, and solar lights meant for outdoor use come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and styles. Without the posts, almost any style is perfect for indoor use.

Kitchen Lighting

Many people leave a light on over the kitchen sink or over the stove, but in time this uses a considerable amount of electricity. It isn’t necessary to use electric lighting when all you need is a small amount of light in the kitchen. Choose solar lights that can be placed on a windowsill, on a countertop, on kitchen shelving, or even as part of a kitchen table centerpiece. The ambient light provided indoors by outdoor solar lights is ideal for illuminating a dark kitchen, and they’re well worth the initial cost. In time, any solar lights you buy to use indoors will pay for themselves.


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