Unique Outdoor Uses for Old Dining Room Chairs

Create Trellises, Plant Stands and More

Rickety old dining room chairs that are worn and no longer good enough to sit on can be used in unique new ways. They can be taken apart, repurposed and reused outdoors. No matter how ugly and shabby they are, do not throw them away. Consider one or more of these unique outdoor uses for your old dining room chairs. The parts and pieces can be used to create exclusive plant stands, sturdy trellises and more.

Transform Two or More Old Dining Room Chairs into a Sturdy Bench

Two or more old wooden dining room chairs can be easily transformed into a sturdy outdoor bench. If the seats are padded, remove the old padding and fabric. Sand, prime and coat the legs and backs with outdoor paint in a color of your choice. While the paint is drying, measure and cut a thick sturdy board that will fit the combined length and the width of the chairs. Cover the board with a comfy layer of padding. Next, create a waterproof covering by neatly wrapping the cushioned board with a durable vinyl tablecloth that coordinates with the paint color. Staple the covering in place beneath the board using a heavy-duty staple gun. Lastly, bolt the chairs together from beneath using the appropriate hardware. Apply construction-grade wood adhesive to the seats, and place the cushioned board into place. Allow the adhesive to dry completely before moving or using your new outdoor bench.

Create Naturally Weathered Outdoor Plant Stand

If you do not want or need an outdoor bench, consider using your old dining room chairs as rustic plant stands. If they have padded fabric seats, simply remove them. They will become naturally weathered and worn, and they will look fantastic on a patio, deck or porch, especially when arranged with other planters that are filled with beautiful flowers and foliage.

Use the Backs of the Chairs as Garden or Flowerbed Trellises

Old dining room chairs that are too wobbly and rickety to repair and use as plant stands or seating can still be used. Those with a ladder back style can be used as trellises in the flowerbed or garden. If you want to preserve the wood, coat it with clear outdoor sealer or paint. Your makeshift trellises can be pushed into the soil and used to support clematis vines, pole beans, morning glories and more. Once they are fully covered, it will be unapparent that old dining room chairs were used for support.


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