How to Paint Formica Bathroom Countertops

Formica bathroom countertops usually have a marbleized look but after years of wear and tear these bathroom countertops can become worn and outdated looking. Formica countertops can easily be painted to add a contemporary or modern look to the bathroom. Painting Formica countertops will save you hundreds of dollars that would otherwise be spent replacing the countertops with new bathroom countertops. In fact, if you were to replace the Formica with granite the cost could be thousands, not just hundreds.


  • Epoxy based paint
  • Fine grit sandpaper
  • Cleanser with a solvent
  • Masking tape
  • Rubber gloves
  • Paint rollers and pain brush

Step 1


In order to paint the bathroom countertops you must first prepare the countertops for paint. Prep the area by using sandpaper to scuff the entire surface of the countertops anywhere that there will be pain applied. The scuff will allow the paint to have something to stick to and to adhere. Additionally, using the sandpaper to lightly sand the entire surface assures that any old paint, coating or other debris are removed from the bathroom countertop surface before you begin to paint the Formica.

Step 2


The entire Formica countertop surface must be thoroughly cleaned before it can be painted. A solvent cleaner should be applied to the entire surface of the countertops. Use a damp cloth to wipe a solvent onto the entire surface of the Formica bathroom countertops. The best solvent for this purpose is lacquer thinner but there are many other options for cleaning the bathroom countertops. Continue to wipe the countertops with the lacquer thinner until the entire surface of the bathroom countertops has been thoroughly cleaned.

Step 3

epoxy-based primer

Once the Formica bathroom countertops have dried thoroughly you may begin applying the primer coat to the countertops. An epoxy-based primer should be used to prime the bathroom countertops for paint. After applying the primer coat to the countertops allow it to dry for at least 3 hours or according to the manufacturer’s instructions on drying times. Lightly sand the primed surface after it has dried.

Step 4


Formica bathroom countertops will look best when 3 coats of epoxy-based paint are evenly applied. Using a paintbrush, begin on the outer edges of the countertops and paint a light coat of paint in all small areas and along the edges of the bathroom countertops. Once you have painted all of the small areas of the Formica countertops you may begin using a roller to roll out the larger more open surfaces of the bathroom countertops.

Allow each coat of the epoxy-based paint to dry on the Formica countertop surface completely before applying another coat of paint. Always apply at least 2 coats of epoxy-based paint to the countertops in order to provide the longest lasting coverage. Following the epoxy coat, you may want to use a sealer over top such as urethane to protect the paint from scuffing or removal that may arise when the Formica bathroom countertops are washed over the coming years.


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