4 Decorating Ideas with Paper Snowflakes

As winter quickly approaches, kids of all ages enjoy clipping folded white papers and transforming them into delicate snowflakes. Some are far more than simple designs, and they are not just for kids. Very intricate works of paper art can be created with a pair of pointed scissors, and they can be used when decorating the home with winter flair. Use these ideas for decorating your home with paper snowflakes, and turn what was once a childhood craft into something spectacular.

Turn a Childhood Craft into an Art

Consider Decorating Dark Kitchen Cabinets with Snowflakes

White paper snowflakes look fantastic against a dark background, and when decorating a kitchen with dark kitchen cabinets, they are a perfect choice. As the photo shows, the intricate patterns give the kitchen a festive winter appearance. Use poster putty to avoid damaging the stain or varnish when decorating kitchen cabinets. It will come off very easily when it is time for a change.

Add Sparkles Before Decorating Windows

I love the look of intricate paper snowflakes in windows. They are beautiful when plain, but they are absolutely gorgeous when covered with iridescent sparkles that look like real glistening snow. Use heavy paper to make snowflakes that will be covered with glitter. Before decorating windows, coat them with a thin layer of clear drying craft glue and sprinkle on iridescent clear or white glitter. They will sparkle and shine when hit by the sun.

Use Paper Snowflakes to Create Spray Painted Works of Art

When looking for creative ways of decorating your home with paper snowflakes, consider using the paper as a stencil instead of decoration. How about decorating solid colored curtains or other plain fabrics that could use a winter touch? Attach the paper snowflakes to fabric with tiny rolled up pieces of tape, and spray the fabric with a light coating of white paint to create something similar to the photo.

Consider Decorating with Hanging Paper Snowflakes

Imagine dozens of beautiful paper snowflakes hanging from invisible threads of varying lengths. As the third photo shows, they can make part of a room look like a magical winter wonderland. Envision a veil of paper snowflakes hanging in front of a sunny window. It would also look amazing. Use light blue, silver and white paper when making snowflakes for decorating a portion of a room or a picture window. It will take a considerable amount of time, but it can look as fantastic as the decorating scheme in the picture.


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