Pedestal Sink: The Ultimate Guide

You Should Read Before Buying a Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sinks are one of the hottest trends in small bathrooms. They offer clean lines and a great way to add design and function to an existing bathroom. Space savings is one of the main reasons why so many homeowners choose to go with a pedestal sink in their bathrooms.

Installing a pedestal sink will take a lot of elbow grease and a little time.


What Are Pedestal Sinks?


Pedestal sinks are different than a typical sink in that they do not have an attached vanity. These sinks usually come in two parts consisting of a bowl is which partially supported by the attached wall, and also from underneath by a small column, called the “pedestal.” Pedestal sinks come in many different styles and sizes and bring a bit of elegance to a ho-hum bathroom.

Pros and Cons of a Pedestal Sink


Simple elegance, space savings, and ease of care are some of the positive features of a pedestal sink. Also, the pedestal sinks are the perfect choice to make a small bathroom look bigger. But there are also a few disadvantages as well which a homeowner should also consider before making a decision.

Things to Consider when Purchasing a Pedestal Style of Sink

Lack of Storage Space

Bathrooms require a lot of gear. Not only are there the blow dryers, curling items, shaving stuff, and cosmetics, but also towels, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies. With a pedestal sink, there isn’t any place to store things and a homeowner will have to figure out a creative way of finding places to stash all those bathroom essentials.

The uncluttered look one gains with a pedestal sink are displaced by the cluttered look of racks above the toilets, small dressers, and shelves. We made it work for our bathroom, but it did mean storing our bath towels in the kitchen since there was no longer room for them.

No Place to Set Your Saving Mug and Other Important Stuff

Sinks are normally placed in front of the mirrors, which also tend to be where you shave, blow dry your hair, or put on your makeup. One problem we quickly discovered was that the rim was too narrow to hold the important stuff we needed in the morning to get ready, like blow dryers and toothpaste tubes. While there are a few models of pedestal sinks that have wider ledges, the more popular and affordable pedestals tend to have a ledge that’s large enough to hold a pair of tweezers, and not much else.

Difficult to Clean

For people who hate to clean, and goodness knows I’m one of them, pedestal sinks have a bit of a hidey-hole that’s quick to collect dust and bathroom lint. This hidey-hole is on the floor behind the pedestal and can not be reached with a mop. About the only way, I’ve discovered this area can be cleaned is by getting on hands and knees, and washing the area by hand. For older folks and not so limber folks, cleaning this hard-to-reach space can be a bit of a hassle.

The Mushroom Effect

Old house people know all about the “mushroom effect”, that twist of fate that causes a single simple project to mushroom into three of four complicated projects. While on the surface a pedestal sink seems like a very affordable solution for creating more space in the bathroom, there are some other hidden costs and projects that you should anticipate when making the switch from a vanity sink to the pedestal. These include new linoleum for the bathroom since the old stuff probably didn’t run beneath the original vanity, repairing the wall behind the old vanity, installing all-new base molding, and the added expense of installing storage space and shelving to hold all your bathroom gear.

A pedestal sink really is a nice way to add some elegance to a bathroom while creating a cleaner look and a little more floor space. However, while none of these disadvantages are really that impossible to live with, they certainly are worth considering before deciding to replace that old vanity sink with a pedestal model instead.

Where to Buy a Pedestal Sink


Home Depot and Lowe’s

Home Depot and Lowe’s have great affordable pedestal sinks. Keep in mind that you will have to purchase hardware (the faucet) separately. Specifically, at Lowe’s, I have seen a pedestal sink named the Cheviot Fiore Pedestal Sink for  $207. American Standart makes an affordable pedestal sink sold at Lowe’s for $174 named the White Vitreous China Pedestal Sink.

All of these pedestal sinks are simple in design and would work well in almost any bathroom decor. The best feature that they leave you enough money to find an affordable faucet for them as well. You should easily be able to buy a pedestal sink you need for under $250 with most of these options.

Local Home Expo Centers

You should also check with your local home expo center and find out when they are doing their floor sample or display sale. Many local furniture stores and home expo centers will hold annual and semi-annual sales of floor models for a steal. Be prepared to tote the pedestal sink out yourself. While you can’t expect a lot of help loading your pedestal sink into your car, at least you are getting a great designer piece on a huge price break. Specifically, in cities I have lived in the past they have had Home Depot Expo Centers. They are a great place to buy bargain floor samples.

Check Kijiji

There is always a pedestal sink for sale on Kijiji. Best of all you might be able to trade for the pedestal sink and get rid of something you don’t use and manage to get your updated bathroom feature for free!

How to Install a Pedestal Sink


Installing a pedestal sink is an task that is within the skill set of many do it yourselfers.

Start by removing the existing pedestal sink. To do this, you must remove the mounting screws that attach the basin to the wall as well as the actual pedestal that is normally attached to the floor with a bolt. You must also detach the water supply line and the drain lines from the sink using an adjustable wrench.

Remove the new pedestal sink and drill holes for the new mounting screws, making sure the hole s in the wall hit blocking or a stud. Fill in the old holes from the existing unit, especially if the old holes will be exposed. You may also want to paint or wallpaper the area as needed.

Now you can install the new pedestal sink, beginning with the pedestal. Use lag screws to anchor it to the floor, and place the basin on top of it. Attach the faucet to the basin and align the basin with the mounting holes. Attach the sink to the wall using lag screws and washers, being sure not to over tighten and crack the sink.

Next you should reconnect the drain fittings and water supply using an adjustable wrench. Test the basin to make sure that the faucet and drain are working properly. Make any needed adjustments and address any leaks. When the unit is functioning to your satisfaction, use some silicone caulk to seal the connection between the basin and the wall.

Install a new pedestal sink where an existing one is already located is an easy job for homeowners with some knowledge of plumbing but may be too difficult for a true beginner. Consider also, that if there is not already an existing pedestal sink in place, you may have to install blocking in the wall and rearrange plumbing to properly install one. In this case, consider calling a contractor to do the work unless you have significant experience.

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Ways to Add More Storage in a Bathroom with a Pedestal Sink


A pedestal sink is one of the most stylish options for a bathroom, especially if you want to add old-fashioned charm and traditional appeal. However, when the basin does not include a vanity or cabinet with a countertop, storage space can be greatly lacking, especially if the room is small. Do not surround it with a fabric or something equally as hideous. Consider these creative and stylish ways to store things that are regularly used, and keep your beautiful platform bowl within view. With a little creativity and decorating ingenuity, you can have it all.

Place Two White Freestanding Cabinets Beneath the Pedestal Sink

You can add more storage beneath a pedestal sink, and without hiding the stand. After all, why have that style if you are going to hide it behind a fabric skirt or something just as visually dreadful. Place two white freestanding cabinets on both sides beneath the basin. It can have open shelves or cabinet doors. If it is open, top the shelves with pretty lined baskets. Use the baskets and/or shelves to hold an array of bathroom necessities.

Mount Cube-Style Shelving on the Wall by the Sink

If floor space is scarce in your bathroom, mount cube-style shelving up the wall on both sides of the pedestal sink. They do not have to be mounted halfway up or just at eye level. They can start immediately above the baseboard. Stagger the shelving up to the ceiling, or stop at a point that is just within reach. Outfit the lower shelving with lined baskets, and use the upper ones to hold decor. They will serve a valuable purpose while adding beauty and style to your bathroom. With the exception of towel storage, several small shelves can be used to store as much as a cabinet beneath a standard sink with an attached countertop.

Use a Curved Metal Floor Shelf for Storage

When trying to add more storage in a bathroom with a pedestal sink, buy a floor shelving that is designed especially for use with a pedestal sink. Shop online to find the shelf unit and obtain the lowest possible price. Although your items will be fully visible, the shelving will hold dozens of smaller things. It will help to make use of otherwise wasted space, and without hiding the beauty and style of the pedestal sink.

Dress Up a Pedestal Sink in a Small Bathroom


A pedestal sink is a great feature of a small bathroom. You can use fabric and other means to update a pedestal sink, create hidden storage in your bathroom, and simply give a fresh new modern look to the bathroom.

Here are 3 ideas for dressing up your pedestal sink in your small bathroom:

Retro Fabric

This is a fun no sew project if you need it to be. I always recommend sewing, but of course fabric glue is pretty awesome today, so it will work.

Simple measure how tall your sink is off the floor. Now, measure around it. You want to cut your fabric to this height and width, but add on about 2 inches.

Now, fold all edges over about 1 inch and sew them down. You can also use the fabric glue here. One the top edge you want to sew on a strip of Velcro. Use the other half of the Velcro and glue it into place inside the rim of the postal sink. Now, simply press the retro fabric into place!

This looks great and you can get as involved as you wish.


So, lighting is a fun way to dress up the base of a cute petal sink that you want to highlight. Water and electricity do not mix; so if you have kids, do no do this. Simply take a string of Christmas lights or rope light and wrap the base of the pedestal sink.

If you do not want to see the wire and you have a really old vintage pedestal sink in the bathroom then you can install them up under the rim of the sink. I like to use duck tape for this since it really sticks well!

This one is fun and easy to remove. You can also use hot glue, which is super easy to remove.

Combine the Two

So, why not wrap the base of the pedestal sink with the lights, as described in #2. Then in place of retro fabric on top, use something like linen or burlap, which will easily show lights through it. This is a great way to disguise cords, add a warm touch of fabric, and a great whole new look for your vintage bathroom in he décor!

Again, electricity and water do not mix, so make sure there are no leaks before adding the lights!


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