Unique Ideas to Recycle an Old Bundt Pan

Like all nonstick pans that are used year after year, the surface of bundt pans begin chipping away. They eventually become too worn to use. After all, no one wants to find particles or rust marks in or on their dessert? Do not throw them away. Even those that are in terrible shape can be reused in creative new ways. Just about everything can be recycled and/or reused, and baking items are no exception to the rule.

Floral Displays, Candles and More

Reuse it as an Outdoor Planter

An old bundt pan that is no longer good enough for baking can be used for display. Reuse it as an outdoor planter, or create a small succulent garden. Place a layer of pebbles in the bottom, and add rich organic soil before moisture-loving plants are added. When planting a succulent garden, add cactus soil instead. It will allow moisture to drain away quickly. After plants of any type are added, the container will no longer look like it was ever meant to hold cake batter.

Spray Paint an Old Bundt Pan for a Candle Display

A stylish candle display can be made from an old bundt pan. If it is a little worse for wear, it can be easily transformed into something far more colorful and visually appealing. Apply a coat or two of spray paint in a color of your choice. Follow product label directions for instructions and warnings. After the paint dries, fill it halfway with glass pebbles, sand, aquarium gravel or any material that will hold votive candles in place.

Use it as a Holder When Removing Kernels from Fresh Corn

A bundt pan that is too worn for baking can still be used for food preparation. Cover the inside with plastic wrap or aluminum foil, and using the center to hold a fresh cob of corn while cutting away the kernels. The center hole is just the right diameter for holding an ear of corn, and it is a safe alternative to holding it with a bare hand.

Create a Unique and Decorative Outdoor Wreath

Not all wreaths are designed to hang on the door of a house. It takes something sturdier to decorate a tree, a barn door, a deck rail or another outdoor location. If desired, paint a design on the bottom. It will become the front of the decoration. Spray it with a clear acrylic sealer to help protect it from moisture. If it is colorful, additional embellishments are not required. With or without a painted design, loop a wide ribbon, and run it through the center hole and around the top. In the time it will become naturally weathered and worn, but it will remain a beautiful part of your outdoor decorating scheme.


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