Redecorating a Bedroom: What Do You Love in Bedroom?

There’s something about the first day of Spring being right around the corner that makes the idea of redecorating a bedroom seem so much fun. Figuring out what look you want can sometimes be the most challenging part. To get some creative ideas flowing and help you decide on a color palette, we’ve created one of our favorite looks, two ways, to show you how pastels can be stunning when styled right. This is Boudoir Chic.

Redecorating a Bedroom (Image via HomeDepot)

Brushed champagne, reclaimed light wood, linen and velvet…these are just a few of the textures and materials that make this fairy tail bedroom feel so plush and relaxing.

The surfaces in any room are truly a blank canvas to express yourself. If you don’t have the budget or the time to re-do an entire room, this is the space where you can add in or change out whichever accent pieces you desire. Fresh flowers in a new vase, picture frames, decorative plates and bowls–you decide what you want to tie into your overall color palette.

If blues are more your style, you’re in luck. Teal and turquoise are still very on-trend. Not to mention, it’s one of the best colors for a bedroom because of its calm hues and relaxing vibes.

Pairing a colored headboard with a light, the subtle printed comforter is the perfect contrast to unwind and relax in a room you love.

Toss in some decorative pillows, add an indoor bench at the end of your bed and finish snuggled up on the bed with a cozy throw blanket. A few simple tweaks or a few major revamps–the choice is yours and the options are endless. Now, after comparing Boudoir Chic from pinks to blues, which would you choose? Tag us at #wohomen with your bedroom decoration!


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