Refurbishing a Shower Curtain into Wall Art

Fabric shower curtains are definitely a great way to add style to a bathroom space. However, when you want to change to something different or simple, what do you do with the old shower curtain? Here are a few simple ideas for refurbishing a shower curtain into wall art.

Framed Art

One simple way to reuse that old shower curtain is by creating framed art. For this, you will need a stencil of the design you wish the art to be of; a permanent marker; and cardstock. You will also need spray adhesive and a photo frame. Lay out the shower curtain face down. Use the stencil and permanent marker to create the image onto the curtain. Cut out the design using scissors. Spray the back of the design and adhere it immediately to the cardstock. Insert the artwork into the frame, hang, and enjoy!

Wall Decals

Old shower curtains can also be refurbished into fun wall decals. This art design works with both plastic/vinyl style and fabric style curtains. Use scissors to cut out the curtain into shapes, lettering, or any other design you wish. Apply a bit of wallpaper adhesive to the back of the design and stick directly onto to the wall.

Wall Chalkboard Frame

Today’s modern paints allow for a unique type of wall art to be created. Use a yard stick and a pencil to mark out a square or rectangle area directly onto a wall in which you wish to add a chalkboard design. Fill in the design using chalkboard style paint, available at your local home improvement retailer. Next, cut out a square or rectangle sized “frame” from the fabric or vinyl shower curtain. Adhere the material to the wall around the chalkboard paint with spray adhesive.

Wall Checkerboard Game

If you have multiple fabric shower curtains to refurbish or just have a bit of extra fabric around, create a wall checkerboard game. Cut out even-numbered squares, at least six inches wide by six inches tall. Apply pieces of Velcro to each of the squares. Cut out separate circles to be used as “game pieces” from the fabric. Adhere the squares to the wall. Apply Velcro backing to the game pieces, so that they can be attached to the squares. This project is simple enough that the kids can help, and they will love having it in their bedroom or playroom.


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