Creative New Uses for an Old Dressing Table

Ways to Repurpose a Vanity

Not everyone wants or needs a vanity for applying makeup and styling their hair, but an old dressing table is still worth saving and repurposing for other uses. Most are equipped with at least two drawers and a mirror, and they can be used in many alternate ways. Your old dressing table will provide storage as well as a horizontal work surface, and it can be used for crafting, holding plants and related supplies, or as an interesting and stylish furnishing.

Create a Crafting Table

A crafting table is a must for anyone that enjoys working on crafts. A dining table can be used, but it is not ideal since adhesive, paint and other supplies can cause damage. Use an old dressing table instead. The drawers can be used to hold some of the supplies. Place a cube-style shelf with baskets along each side for added storage. The mirror will not be necessary. Remove it and repurpose it in a creative new way, or cover it with cork tiles that have been trimmed to fit the inside of the frame. Use the cork board to hang lightweight finished pieces or supplies.

Use it as a Writing Desk

Even with the latest and greatest technology, handwritten notes, bills, cards and other items are still a part of everyday life. Create an area for a writing desk, but do not invest in something new. Repurpose your old dressing table. Add anything necessary for paying bills, writing letters or keeping track of coupons, appointments and more. Use the drawers to hold whatever it is that you need to get the job done. The top can be used to hold a few narrow baskets for additional storage.

Turn an Old Dressing Table into a Potting Bench

An old dressing table makes a fantastic potting bench, especially for those that need to sit down while they pot, repot and tend indoor and outdoor plants. Remove the mirror, and repurpose it as a wall hanging in the home. Use the drawers to hold plant food, small tools, seeds and more. Place it on a covered porch, in a garden shed, in a garage or outdoors. If it will be kept outdoors, be sure to add a protective weatherproof coating that will repel moisture. No matter how you choose to repurpose the furnishing, chances are it will be used more than ever before.


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