Creative New Uses for Old Wooden Hangers

Almost everyone has at least one or two old wooden hangers in their closet, but they often go unused. They are incredibly sturdy, but they take up more space than the thin wire and plastic varieties. I have several wooden hangers in my bedroom closet, and I recently started thinking of creative new uses. They are good for more than just hanging up coats and other heavy garments. Consider these creative uses for old wooden hangers, and come up with new home décor, organizational tools and more. You might be surprised.

Decor, Stylish Organization and More

Those with Clips Can Be Used to Display Lightweight Works of Art

I had a few old wooden hangers from a department store that closed decades ago. I wanted to find creative new uses for my vintage clothing accessories, and I came up with a plan. I also had black and white photos of the store that were taken in the 1950’s. They were part of my vintage office decorating scheme, and the old wooden hangers provide the perfect method of display. Two of them had metal clips for hanging slacks. I used the clips to hold my vintage store photos. The old wooden hangers and photos create an interesting focal point. They went together beautifully, and they became a decorative conversation piece in my home office.

Attach Cup Hooks to Create Necklace Holders

No matter how I arranged my necklaces in my jewelry box, they always ended up tangled. Even the corded varieties turned into a jumbled mess. I had two more old wooden hangers that were not being used, and I had another idea. I attached small cup hooks to the old wooden hangers, and I used the hooks to hang my necklaces. The hangers and necklaces looked great next to my dresser on the bedroom wall, and my necklaces never ended up tangled again.

Use Shower Curtain Hooks to Hold Scarves on Old Wooden Hangers

I do not wear scarves, but I know others that do. I painted and decorated three more old wooden hangers to match their bedroom decorating scheme. I placed coordinating plastic shower curtain hooks around the bars of the old wooden hangers and gave them to friends along with a few new scarves. They looked great while serving a far more valuable purpose than ever before.


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