Ideas for Decorating a Room with an Ocean View

A room with an ocean view is a dream come true, especially if it is comfortable and well decorated. It should look and feel like a welcoming extension of the outdoors while offering all of the amenities of a well-equipped home. Decorating the space to highlight and enhance the view is of the utmost importance. The furniture, window treatments and wall colors have the power to make a tremendous difference in how the room looks and ultimately feels. Use these ideas for decorating a room with an ocean view, and make it a living work of functional art.

One of my most memorable decorating jobs was for a dear friend that lived along the shore of Mexico Beach. She had a beautiful home. It was not a huge house, but it was well designed and had great potential. The room that faced the ocean was the most spacious of all. She came to me for decorating advice, and I gave her a few creative ideas. What started out as somewhat dark and very dingy became the brightest and most beautiful room in the home.

Furniture, Window Treatments, Walls and More

Make the Room Light and Bright

When decorating a room with an ocean view, make it light and bright. Opt for white or very light colored walls that are crisp and clean. I happened to find a photo with an ocean view room that was similar to the one that I decorated. As the picture shows, white walls with cream colored trim look phenomenal. It became one of the most uplifting rooms in my friend’s ocean view home, and not just because of the gorgeous scene that surrounded the space.

Decorating with Ocean Accents

Add natural ocean accents when decorating a room with a view. Fill a clear vessel with beautiful seashells and other ocean shore finds. When decorating my friend’s home with an ocean view, I lined the bottom of a clear glass urn with pastel colored beach glass. I topped it with perfect specimens that my friend had collected over the years. It was a way to bring part of the natural beauty of the ocean shore into her home. Driftwood, woven sea grass baskets and other natural accents became the primary décor.

Unmask the Windows to Enhance the View

A room with an ocean view should have crystal clear windows. They should not be shrouded with material of any variety. Unmask the windows when decorating a room with an ocean view. Consider white wooden slat blinds like those pictured. They can be pulled up to expose natural wall art during the day, and they can be lowered and closed for privacy when the sun goes down.

Add Comfy Cushioned Indoor/Outdoor Furnishings

Furniture is a major component when decorating a room with an ocean view. When the room is an extension of the outdoors, add comfy indoor outdoor furnishings. In keeping with the light and bright theme of the room, consider white wicker. Use the ocean view for inspiration when choosing the cushions, and look for a pretty blue and white pattern.

Spending time indoors will not feel nearly as confining when the gorgeous ocean view is flanked by a beautifully decorated room. With natural décor, light bright walls and comfortable furniture that could be used indoors or out, the room will truly feel like an extension of the shore. Wall art will not be necessary. Simply pull up the blinds to reveal breathtaking works of ocean view art. Natural art is by far the most inspiring of all.


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