How to Make a Rotating Craft Supply Organizer with Metal Cans

Storing craft supplies can be quite expensive, especially if everything is purchased in specialty stores. Begin by making a tabletop organizer for your supplies using ordinary metal cans. You will have more money for bobbles, beads and other things if you do not have to buy storage containers. Put your money into materials, and make a handy holder for your work table. Besides holding writing instruments, paintbrushes and other items, it will add color and style to your decorating scheme.

Stylish Storage Solutions

Necessary Supplies

To make a craft supply organizer you will need an empty one-gallon paint can, eight empty fruit and/or veggie cans, colored duct tape and 8 x 10″ pieces of scrapbook paper to match. You will also need a rotating wooden tray, eight heavy-duty clips, E6000 adhesive, a pencil, a ruler and a pair of scissors.


Begin by washing and thoroughly drying the cans. Exercise extreme caution around the sharp rim

Next, cover the edges with colored duct tape. If desired, it can be cut lengthwise to avoid wasting tape. It is not meant for decorative purposes. It is added to protect fingers and hands from the sharp metal edges.

After the edges are covered, cut the decorative paper to size. Line up the edge of the first can to the edge of the scrapbook paper. Use a ruler to draw a straight line from one end of the paper to the next. Cut it to fit the exterior of the first can, and attach it by applying a thin line of adhesive. It is not necessary to cover the entire can with glue. Firmly wrap it around, and apply another thin line of glue to attach it. Use the same procedure to cover all of the cans that are needed to complete the craft supply organizer. Allow the adhesive to fully dry.

Assembling the Craft Supply Organizer

Use the clips to attach the smaller papered holders around the one in the center. Glue the paint can to the rotating tray, and let it dry for 24 hours before handling. Always pick it up from the tray rather than the paint can and your craft supply organizer will hold together. Fill it with pens, pencils, paintbrushes or anything else that you need for creating your craft projects.


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